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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Midweek Randoms

Well I am writing this post while lounging in bed because I have mastitis, yuck. I'm shocked because Lucy and I are on such a good nursing schedule and haven't had any issues the past 7 months. I knew it was happening because I had it when Ford was 5 weeks old so I called my doctor ASAP and got on antibiotics immediately. I feel good after a good night's sleep and man those meds work fast. Just another day in the life! Despite mastitis, nothing can get in the way of me being incredibly excited that my little sister comes home TODAY! If you've followed my blog for a while you'd know that my younger sis Tomi has spent the past 10.5 months as an Au Pair in Melbourne and is currently en route back to the states. It is very surreal. Thanks to modern technology I've been able to not only talk to her daily but text her and SEE her on FaceTime. Anytime the iPad rings Ford says, "TOMI!" and I don't think he's forgotten about her one bit. Tomi hasn't met Lucy yet (I was about halfway through my pregnancy when she left) nor my nephew Toddy. I can hardly wait to see her tonight and the fact that the entire family will be together next week for Thanksgiving is the icing on the cake. I am very very thankful this season!

So what else has been going on with us? Lack of blog posts means life is just full and that's OK. Baby showers, birthday parties, holiday events, November has been so good thus far and I am giddy excited about the holidays right around the corner. Along with most other Americans, I just feel so nostalgic around Thanksgiving with the upcoming birth of our savior and a season of generosity and giving. I am really looking forward to doing Advent with Ford and teaching him about the beautiful story of Christmas. I also remember thinking last year, "Our baby girl will be sitting and eating with us at Thanksgiving!". She will for sure be sitting with us... eating... highly doubtful! Anyway, I am babbling. Here are some recent photos of life in the Hart family.

Big news, we are going to Disney World right after Christmas! Jon has a companion pass on SWA that expires 12/31 and we wanted to utilize it one more time. We looked at direct flights out of Austin and Orlando popped up. We booked a Disney Resort with points and the babies are free since they are under 3, we are so excited! It will be Jon's first time! Sure we may be crazy but YOLO.

This guy loves going to the park and swinging "SUPER HIGH!". He will get mad if I am not pushing him high enough haha. We are working on pumping on the big swings.

Peanut Lady is a total daddy's girl. She said DADA this week and won't stop saying it!

My cute monogrammed babies.

Peanut lady loves the swings too... she is such a trooper and will swing for an hour while Ford plays. She also is doing this pouty face lately and sucking on her lip, it is cute.

We went to a car show at the local high school and Ford was in heaven! Like father like son.

Jon shaved his beard into a mustache for Movember and I love it. I keep telling him he looks like an 1800s Army General or something (maybe I watch too many movies). 

Lucy's hair is growing like crazy and she can finally wear bows! And this picture pretty much sums up what she eats. Puffs. Girlfriend does not like baby food and chokes on actual food so we've taken a break and she is as happy as a clam just having mama's milk.

Don't forget to check out my post on Discovery Toys and get your Christmas shopping done!

You can read some of my thoughts on the terror in our world today and why I still think God is good in a post I wrote here


Bri Runde said...

How exciting that your sister gets home today!!!!

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling the best. I never got that while nursing but have heard it's no fun. :(

Jennifer said...

I love the size and style of Lucy's bow - did you find it from a retailer who sells online?

Theresa said...

I hope you continue to go on the mend, and feel better soon!

I don't think I ever saw your kitchen after the remodel - the white cabinets, look lovely, very bright and cheerful.

How fun for Disney! I admit I'm a bit jealous. What a great way to go there though - can't wait to hear about that trip!

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