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Monday, November 30, 2015

Lucy 7 months

Our sweet Lucy Joy turned 7 months old last Friday. As we went around the table at Thanksgiving and shared what we were thankful for, I couldn't help but to think about the last 7 months and what a sweet transition it has been to a family of 4. Lucy was squawking away in her highchair (but not eating food of course) and my heart was just so happy that God gifted us another beautiful and happy baby. She is such a joy and brings smiles to everyone she meets! Pictures will only get more and more difficult with our moving gal but she was all smiles!

  • 16lbs 12oz, taken this morning at the doctor office when we had her flu booster shot. This is exactly the 50th %. Lucy made a funny face and kind of squealed when she got the shot but never cried, sweet girl. 
  • Peanut lady, peanuts, lady lady, Chiquita, boo boo lady, pretty much anything with "lady" at the end of it
  • Bedtime around 7pm, wakes between 6-630am (today was 715a woot woot) and sometimes goes back down for another 1-2 hours and sometimes is up for the day. She has pretty much dropped her 3rd nap for the most part, napping 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. She is a great sleeper and goes down without a fight. I love that we really never had to do CIO with her, my easy girl.
  • Cloth diapered during the day and size 3 disposable diapers at night
  • 6 month PJs, 6-9 month tops and outfits, 9 month leggings. I will probably move her to 9 month jammies soon because I have fleece and it's getting chilly. Her feet are still ridiculously small and she wears 2 pair of newborn shoes.
  • Lucy has had a runny nose/cold for a few weeks that gets better and worse by the day. Tis the season right? She is still so happy and sleeping great so I am not worried. We are giving her Hyland's Baby Cold Meds and Baby Vicks and that seems to be helping.
  • Lucy nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and takes 1 formula bottle in the late afternoon/evening. Last week she took an 8oz bottle at night! Little chunk.
  • Lucy hates food... and that's not an understatement. We tried food a month ago and is still gagging when we force it. She likes to eat puffs but probably gets 1-2 in her belly for every 15 we give her. She likes gnawing on peppers and celery and gumming on fruit in the mesh feeder but we have kind of taken a break on food. It's crazy how different each child can be because by 6 months Ford was eating 3 meals a day and by 7 months was off of purees and fully on table food. Lucy is obviously growing and gaining weight so we aren't worried!
  • She loves her sippy cup, it can keep her entertained for a good 45 minutes while I prep dinner. She gets a little bit of water but mostly chews on it. 
  • No teeth for Lucy girl but she puts everything in her mouth and gnaws on toys, fingers, and anything she can get her hands on.
  • Favorite toys are Sophie, Zoli, baby mirror, play mat, exersaucer, her dolly, board books. It is so much fun to watch her play and actually enjoy her toys!
  • She is having so much fun watching Ford play lately. She gets really excited watching him run around and they have a lot of fun under the playmat. She is smitten with him!
  • She is a solid sitter, yay! What a game changer. She can sit and play with her activity table or books and doesn't fall. 
  • I think we are about a month out for crawling. She gets on her hands and knees and rocks. She moves all over the room somehow... arching her back and moving her feet and also scooching backward. 
  • She also thinks shes pretty cool when she stands up at her activity table or on the back of the couch. 
  • Lucy is a daddy's girl! She said her first word this month "DA DA" and smiles and says it when he comes into the room. It is too sweet. 
  • She loves her baths with Ford and now sits in a bath ring and sucks on washcloths. I think we'll sit her in the bath on her own this month.
  • Lucy was dedicated at our church two weeks ago, what a special day for our sweet girl!
  • Lucy met her aunt Tomi this month and stole her heart! 
  • Lucy is great about going to different people... family, friends, babysitters, new people.
  • Very ticklish and smiley... I think that is evident from all of her pictures. She'll be nursing (even at 6am) and then look at me and just smile and giggle. She loves catching people's attention and is quite the little flirt and entertainer. 

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Kristina (Ms.Modify) said...

I'm new to your blog and so happy I found it! I love how you're documenting the lives of your children, you'll be so happy to go back and read everything when they're older! You have a beautiful family!

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