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Monday, January 25, 2016

Random Monday For Ya

Hello, is this thing on? Man I have fallen off the blogging wagon. Last week I kept meaning to write a few posts but life got in the way and now I can't even remember what I was going to write. I thought I was on a roll, posting 3 recipes in a row, and then the momentum was gone. Jon was gone the whole week, we've had a million birthday parties, we have family coming in town this week, I'm starting a new bible study, our 5 year wedding anniversary is next week....phew. I've been doing little DIY projects around the house, baking more in the kitchen, and cranking out tons of embroidery projects (I'm realizing I sound like an 80 year old woman, I love it). The weather has been gorgeous so we've been outside a lot, no Jonas down in Texas (side note, how do you Northerners do it... I am in a bad mood if it is 45 degrees and the sun isn't shining). Each weekend from now until March is booked up... with fun things though! I know I will be blogging later this week because Lucy girl turns 9 months on Wednesday... hold the phone. I absolutely love the stage she's in but can't lie, I am sad about the baby phase being over. I told Jon I can see why Michelle Duggar has 19. I literally come to tears at the thought of not having a baby in the house. But then I remember that each stage is sweet and special and I am sure once all of my kids are potty trained and not waking up at 6am, baby hood will be a sweet and distant memory. Expect lots of sappy posts the next 3 months about my girly turning 1. I am really glad I have these feelings though because it shows me that we for sure aren't done having babes. Okay enough sap and random thought, here are some pictures over the past few weeks.

My boy has been extra cuddly and extra funny these days. He woke up from his nap last week a little emo (not surprising) and I was trying to talk to him and ask questions and he said "Mama I not want to talk, just sing" and started humming in such a melancholy way. Hilarious.

Ernie hasn't made an appearance on the blog lately because he is driving us absolutely nuts. I won't even go there. Anyway, Lucy loves him and his wet, nasty toys. I think most of the reason she started crawling was to get to him!

Love dressing my little lady up for church.... but lately she's been puling out her bows and headbands. Sigh

Sunny days with this bundle of joy. Literally never stops smiling. She is the best!

I have been hating our dark yellow kitchen for a couple of months and decided to paint it last week. I painted it Olympic Faint Flicker, the same color as Lucy's room, and love how bright it feels. We also bought a new round table and ordered chairs that will be here soon. 

Seriously could not be more in love with this handsome boy. All of the sudden he looks so old and grown up...a  million heart eyes for him! Shirt is Nicky and Stella

Do I even need to caption this? She's such a little lady!

Speaking of cuties, my nephew Toddy is 4 months old and Lucy size. I cannot wait to squeeze him in just a few weeks! I gifted him this adorable set from Baby Soy for Christmas (I had to add the monogram because... #monogramallthings). Baby Soy's tagline is "Luxury of Softness" and boy is their stuff soft. I have a few Baby Soy outfits for Lucy and the kimono style makes for an actual outfit, not just a plain onesie. All of their products are made from organic cotton and bamboo, making them safe and cozy on your little one's skin. Baby Soy is all about recycling, reducing, and reusing. Shop Baby Soy now. 

Lucy clenches up her whole body and squeals every time I undress her and walk her to the bath. Girlfriend loves water! She was at my parents last week and my dad said anytime he showed her the pool, she would get so excited and hyperventilate. This summer is going to be fun! And chaotic with 2 toddlers. But here is my silly girl (always with her tongue out) before the bath. 

My blue eyed Ford. Lately it seems like every day brings a new cut or scrape, he is such a little boy now. 

Twins much?

It is one of my greatest joys to watch Ford interact with his friends. We are past the stage where the kids just play next to each other but he actually plays with his friends. It is adorable and melts this mamas heart. This is is lifelong bud, friends since birth, and just 8 days apart. Ford has also had a funny sense of humor lately. He makes up words and songs and gets himself cracking up. He is going to be a little jokester. 

Ford is a jumping bean. He will just stand there and jump and hop, he never stops moving! We went to Rolly Pollies gym last week and he had the time of his life on a full length trampoline!

Thanks for letting me dump my random thoughts on you today!


Bridget said...

I too told my husband the other day that I understand why Michelle Duggar has 19 kids...My baby just turned 6 months and it makes me sad to think he's got teeth and no longer a squishy baby. Give me all the babies :)

Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

I totally get the 19 kids thing.. My youngest is only 12 weeks and I'm already missing the very newborn stage! (Minus the not sleeping at all)

Evelina said...

Omg that picture of you on the fridge! You're so brave! Sending hugs for Ernie!

Bri Runde said...

Don't you love having an inner 80-year old self?! I love all things mom-hood!

Knowledge Fire said...

Before my wedding I asked many last minute questions from the manager, and his answer was always: "we have that covered" or "no problem". It was extremely comforting. I am so thankful to the NYC wedding venues manager and their staff for all of their efforts on our behalf.

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