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Monday, February 29, 2016

Lucy 10 months

We are in double digits y'all. Someone hold me. I refuse to believe that my BABY is going to be 1 in 2 months. There is now way. She is too small and tiny and young. Gosh time sure does fly. This month has been fun and challenging...a crawling, curious lady who is quite the little drama mama. Somehow I managed to get pictures of her still but I took 120 to get the ones below. It's funny going through these pictures, she is such a little tongue girl. It is always out and moving around. I see these pictures and literally see myself as a baby staring back at me. We love this sassy little girl OH so much and can't believe how much she is growing and changing!

Monthly stickers via Lucy Darling
Hairclip via BellaMoza
  • 18lbs (taken on home scale)
  • Cloth diapered during the day, size 3 disposable overnight diaper
  • Wearing 9 month clothes, 6-12 month clothes, tiny newborn shoes
  • Bedtime at 7pm, has been waking up anywhere between 6-7am. We've had some sleep regression the past month and fingers crossed I think we are out of it. Lucy had some random nights of crying out in the middle of the night or trying to wake up at 5-6am. We've had some really bad nap days and some really good nap days. My sister said she remembers Embry having some sleep regression at 9 months so I am glad to hear I am not alone. Lady is learning so much and becoming very independent so some days she wants to make her own schedule.
  • 2 naps a day, 830am and 130pm. Like I said above we had some days of awful 45 minute naps but I think we are back on track. Usually 1.5 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. started 
  • Says dada all day long and has googly eyes for Jon. She has recently started saying mama and baba.
  • She dances and it is adorable! 
  • Just last week she started using random objects as a phone which I remember Ford doing, hilarious and cute.
  • She feeds people her food from her high chair tray and smiles
  • This month has been all about independence. Lucy is crawling like a mad woman, cruising, self feeding, playing on her own. She now stands on her own for 3-5 seconds as of last week! Her sassy little personality is blossoming and there are times where it is hard and frustrating but I love that she is growing and developing into a little girl who knows what she wants. I see so much of myself in her so I can't complain.
  • We call her lady and baeba more than Lucy. If she is playing with a doll we call her doll lady, she likes pickles so we call her pickle lady, and Ford always calls her Baeba which I love.
  • She and Ford have been playing together this past month and it's adorable. She will crawl over and kiss him and he will tickle her back. They also have such a fun time in the bath and get each other giggling and laughing. 
  • She loves playing with her new makeup mirror (and so does Ford), wooden blocks, balloons, Ford's train set. She is obsessed with this little rattle soft baby that is in her crib but she brings it out with her in the mornings sometimes (and also throws it out of her crib when she is standing and screaming and mad). She  kisses her baby dolls and says "aww" which is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. 
  • Girlfriend is such a good eater. She is picky but I am just happy she is eating. Her favorite foods are grilled cheese, quesadillas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Greek yogurt, cheese, Ritz crackers. I will give her a pouch or puree every other day or so and they aren't her favorite but I can get veggies in her. She can eat a whole banana in one sitting and likes peaches too. 
  • She is nursing 4 times a day, sometimes 5, but I have noticed a huge difference in how often she's nursing now that she's eating real food. I never know how much she is getting nursing but she only takes about 4oz in a bottle when it used to be 6oz. I am planning on starting her on whole milk in a sippy cup soon, hard to believe we are almost ready to wean! She is a very distracted and squirmy nurser these days.
  • Despite being sassy, Lucy is the sweetest little lady. She gives kisses and hugs and lights up when she sees daddy or Ford. Like I say every month, she is the easiest baby to make smile. 
  • She lifts up her hands when you ask how big are you.... SO BIG
  • She signs "all done" and Ford thinks it's so cool
  • She hates getting her diaper changed and face wiped. And I am not talking about a little whine... I will pick her up at the church nursery and they comment on what a fantastic baby she is except she screams her face off when they change her. Crazy girl.
  • She loves playing with other babies and kids.... watching the big kids play and crawling over to babies and grabbing them.
  • She loves to explore on her own. It is cute to let her have free reign of an area and she crawls from one thing to the next. Standing on a chair, moving to the table, standing on Ford's play table, crawling elsewhere. 


Allena said...

So cute! She is such a little lady!

Hall Around Texas said...

Happy 10 months Lucy! You are such a precious baby girl!!

SEO Hire Me said...

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