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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

23 weeks

(I don't know how much longer you'll be seeing bare belly photos haha)

Thoughts: never did I think I'd be pregnant in Vegas but I'm surviving! I am soaking up all the time that I do have lots of energy because I know it'll be rough come summer. Jon took a good look at my belly on Sunday before I left because I swear it gets bigger overnight! It's funny I've only been pregnant 5.5 months yet I can't remember life before it.

Baby: I kind of hate the fruit comparisons because in my mind, a mango is really small but this week it says he is just over 1lb, 11 inches and the size of a large mango. The blood vessels in his lungs are developing, hopefully he will use those lungs to cry very sparingly ;). Baby Center told me to dance this week because baby can feel and enjoy the swaying. 

Symptoms: 1/2 a Zofran pill at night and sometimes in the morning, depending on if I wake up running to the bathroom or not. Lower back pain is here to stay and it sucks.

Movement: yep! Everyday and what seems like all day. Last week I sat in meetings and almost went cross eyed from staring down at my belly to watch it move. It is hard to focus when my little man is practicing his freestyle kicks in my tummy (we are hoping he is a swimmer like Jon's dad).

Sleep: I've been waking up with neck pain from sleeping weird so trying to figure that out. Waking up only 1-2 times for potty breaks.

Cravings/aversions/eating: Jon forgot to get me my one requested Easter present which was a Reese's egg but the past few days it's been a scavenger hunt for me to find them hidden all over our house. Nothing like clearance Easter candy, eh? Also burgers. I think my iron is low because I crave a big, juicy burger pretty much everyday. 

Workouts: still going to the gym but not pushing myself hard and taking it easy. I try to get in some form of physical activity about 4 times a week, usually 3 visits to the gym, but taking this week off since walking around Vegas and a huge tradeshow is enough activity for me.   
Clothes: this week should be interesting. I am at a tradeshow for work and rocking my pre pregnancy Nike dry fit polos and a maternity skirt. I had ordered a maternity shirt that looks like an ugly tent on me. 

Doctor appointments: after an 8 week break, we get to see our baby on Monday morning the 15th! And in 3d! This is our long appointment (24 week) where they do tons of measurements and even give us a dvd. I can't wait to see what our little guy looks like. 

Random: may be TMI but I officially can't see my lady parts anymore and I have to stretch to see my feet standing up. It's funny I still feel pretty agile but am super restricted by this watermelon in my tummy. I am throwing Jon a birthday party this weekend and really looking forward to that! 

Rocking the baby bump at Microsoft Mangement Summit #23weeks


Bridget said... the lady parts comment!!! I haven't been able to see mine in awhile and it's weird.

It's Sooo Fluffy said...

You're too cute! I can't wait to see that baby!!

Lauren H Edmondson said...

adore your bump! I think I hate enough Reeses Eggs for the both of us haha, they are my biggest weakness!

Lauren H Edmondson said...

I ate* enough Reeses Eggs, woo never hate them haha.

Liz said...

Girl! I haven't seen my feet or lady parts for months & it's getting dangerous...if you know what I mean?!?! Have fun in Vegas :)

Carolyn said...

You look so cute!! :) I love your watermelon belly. :) Good luck in Vegas! Take care of you and baby!

Unknown said...

You are seriously like the cutest pregnant person. Hope you are at least having fun in Vegas on the side.

Anonymous said...

YOu look great !! I am so excited for you and Jon !! I am so happy that you young moms today have the internet to share and learn from each other. I would have loved to blog when I was a young mom !!
I was like you and enjoyed every minute I was expecting, it is a fun and exciting time and your life will be changed forever once you meet your little guy and all in a good way !!
Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy watching baby Hart grow, and seeing your excitment !!

Anonymous said...

sorry to post twice, just wanted to let you know timetobeme is stephiesbeadsand baubles, but since I paid to have the wordpress.taken out of the beading blog address, it will not let me use it here as it automaticly adds the back on , so I had to use one of my other blogs, so that is how I will have to comment here, I had given up trying, but now I can , but under one of my other names, lol !!so you will know this is me !!!

Unknown said...

You are seriously the cutest little pregnant lady! :) You rock that belly! Hope your energy stays up for your time in Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Have so much fun in Vegas...and I loved the TMI comment...I guess I never really thought about that before, but I guess I'll be in a similar boat a few weeks from now lol

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

looking freaking adorable!

Rachel said...

I can't take it...cutest pregnant lady ever!

ashleigh said...

it was so much fun seeing you this morning! you are the cutest little belly ever.

Theresa said...

My dad has been hiding Reese's eggs for my mom around the house at Easter for decades! Seriously - I don't remember a time the "bunny" did hide mom her eggs. It's so neat to hear that someone else does that too - I hope that tradition is there to stay for you. Sounds like you're right on track - forgetting what life was like not pregnant! You're doing amazing - keep it all up!

Angie said...

The 3D Ultrasound is always the most fun!

Heather Leigh_A beautiful ministry said...

Aw look at you rocking the Baby bump! You have me wanting a nice juicy burger by the way your talking about it!! <3 You are such an adorable pregger!! Your little guy will be here before we know it!!!

Anonymous said...

You look great! I feel like it's flying by - 23 weeks already!

Julie Keller said...

You are so adorable. I agree with you about the fruit comparison thing. It is weird, and like you said before, husbands start to think of fruit with eyes on them!

Pandorah's Box said...

You are just too cute, and gorgeous! The prettiest pregnant woman out there!!

Haha! Lady parts!

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