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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ford 12 months

12 months. 12 months! We made it! This has been the sweetest, fulfilling, tiring, emotional year of my life and my heart is FULL! I don't think a day goes by that Jon and I talk about how much we love this little boy and how much FUN he is! He's understanding and learning and interacting so much, I don't feel like he's a baby anymore. The baby stage is so fleeting, I still can't believe I made it out on the other side. Ford is an absolute joy to be around, I am so lucky to be his mama.

Weight: 22lb 14oz (74th %)

Height: 29.5in (35th %)

Head: 48.1cm (94th %)

Health: Well up until his birthday eve, Ford has been healthy! He got a 101 fever on the 10th and woke up congested and snotty. He's not 100% clear but a lot better thanks to essential oils! We've spent lots of time at home resting and playing with new toys. His 12 month well check went really well, no pun intended. Our doctor was very impressed by how much he talks, points, and how curious he is (climbing and getting into all the cabinets, curious is just a nice word for crazy). The shots were so sad. It was the first time I could see fear in his eyes and he screamed bloody murder. Luckily he calmed down quickly when the nurse gave him a toy car and I gave him animal cookies. 

Nicknames: Booga, Boogie, Shmooka Bear,Shmookie, Barrington, Bear, Doodle Bug

Teething: Ford has 5 teeth, 2 on top and 3 on the bottom. We've started brushing his teeth (no toothpaste) before bed and he loves it! We sing a song we made up and he dances. 

Clothing: Size 12-18 months in most things, onesies 24 months, moved up to size 4 shoes (still a little big)

Diapers: no change, cloth during the day and Huggies Overnight size 4 at night

Eating (milk): we stopped nursing a few days after Ford turned 11 months old (story here). He loves whole milk and drinks about 20oz a day from a straw sippy cup. Weaning was a LOT easier than I expected!

Eating (solids): Ford is extra picky this month and I have seen a decrease in his appetite which I attribute to him drinking so much milk. I've started offering milk only 3 times a day instead of throughout the day because he sucks it down. Mornings are his best meal time... a whole banana, 2 scrambled eggs, oatmeal or Greek yogurt. Throughout the day he will have fruit, cheese, peanut butter and crackers and then for dinner he loves turkey dogs, chicken patties, cottage cheese, and sweet potatoes. He loves all carbs and dairy. I am hoping this picky stage ends soon! 

Sleeping (night): We've been trying to push Ford's bedtime later and he goes down around 7:45pm and sleeps 11 hours straight. Lately he's slept in til 7am, yay. Sleepsack, lovey, and pillow in his's quite cozy.

Sleeping (naps): Ford naps twice a day and I don't foresee him dropping that anytime soon. He sleeps 8:30-10/10:30a and 1:30-3:30p for a total of 3-4 hours total. I much prefer long naps vs. longer night sleep because I can get stuff done while he's asleep!

Social: Ford has had some separation anxiety this month and will sometimes fuss for 5-10 seconds when we drop him off at the gym or church nursery. He loves waving at people when we are out and is pretty darn easy to make smile! He points at EVERYTHING and I am constantly having to say, "Yes Ford that is a door. That is a light. That is a picture." He is saying "mama", "dada", "ba- ba" for papa, "uh oh", "ba" for ball "mu" for more and "eeeeee" for please. 

Likes: getting in and out of his new Cozy Coupe car, puzzles, balls, board books, his new pop up toy, shopping cart, ringing a small bell at Mimi's, swimming, petting Ernie, snuggling with dad in the mornings, playing pizza party, turning on light switches

Dislikes: getting his diaper changed, when Ernie knocks him over, being hungry, being hot

New this month:
  • "Praying" hands while we pray as a family
  • Shaking his finger "no no" when we tell him (or Ernie) no
  • Dancing when he hears music (basically swaying side to side and smiling)
  • Pointing to body parts (head and eyes)
  • Blowing on food when I tell him it's hot
  • Standing on his own (mostly when he does something and wants to clap haha)
  • Using his left hand all the time
  • Holding his breath for 7 seconds at swim class
  • Blowing on his food when it is "hot"

Fun things we did:
Mama: this has been a big month for me! Weaning was bittersweet but I am loving this season we are in. Jon now puts Ford to bed when he's home and I had a girls night out a few weeks ago and 2 more planned this month! Ford spent the entire day with my mom last week and I was able to spend the day visiting a friend's sweet baby girl in the NICU and set up her nursery at home. I love not having to plan my day around nursing and spend a little bit more time on my own. There is nothing sweeter than the hundreds of kisses I get from my little boy, I still can't believe he is mine!

Daddy: Jon is loving being Ford's daddy more and more. Jon is in charge of bath time when he's in town and I can often year laughing fits from the two of them on the other side of the house. Ford is always so happy when his dad walks through the door, melts my heart! 

What we're looking forward to:
  • Maverick's 1st birthday party and baby two baby showers!
  • Going to the lake for Labor Day 
  • Going to Dallas for the Mecum Auto Auction
  • Fall swim session starting in a few weeks


Sarah said...

Happy 12 months Ford! Congrats momma on surviving the first year and looking so amazing doing so! Can't wait to see what this year has in store for Ford and you as his momma!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Your babe is soooo cute!!! That smile!! Congrats on surviving AND thriving in year 1.

Anonymous said...

It really seems like just yesterday that he was born! Happy Birthday, big man!

Sarah said...

more party posts?! oh i can't wait!
happy 12 months hart family!

Christine said...

Happy birthday!!! Reading this post gets me super excited what's ahead of us ;-)

Krista said...

How is he a year already?!? I haven't commented much in several months but I have loved seeing the pics of him and "watching" him grow :) You are a wonderful mother Ruthie and Ford is lucky to have you!

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