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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black & White Christmas {with Tiny Prints}

Last year was Ford's first Christmas and I could not wait to send out Christmas cards showing off our beautiful baby boy! Jon and I sent out cards before we had children but let's face one cares about the picture unless there are cute kids in it :). I've kind of decided to follow suit with what my parents did for their Christmas cards when we were growing up; alternate a family picture, including parents, and a picture of just the kiddos. Since we did a family picture last year (including Ernie!), we were set on a Ford only photo card. Next year I figured we'll want to capture our family of 4 so it worked out perfectly. And oh how easy it was to dress Ford festively and snap some pictures of him at my own leisure. Sorry Ernie, you are too hard to wrangle with a toddler so you didn't make the cut.

The next thing I wanna chat about is Christmas card envy. I can't be the only one who opens up beautiful Christmas cards and instantly wish we'd ordered ours from the same company or used the same color scheme or even re-worded our card differently. It may be a first world problem but it's the truth! Using Tiny Prints Christmas cards was on the top of my list this year. I remember opening the most precious card last year with scalloped edges and I knew those were in my future!

What I love about using Tiny Prints is the ability to place specific parameters on my search to filter through the hundreds of options they offer. I needed 1 photo, horizontal landscape, Christmas or religious wording, with the option for scalloped edges. Now just because I was able to filter, doesn't mean my options were limited! I combed through each page of results and fought with myself over which card to choose.

I was able to upload my photo and view each card like it was my own and quickly narrowed down my list based on which card looked best with the scalloped edges. Winner winner, chicken dinner! Our card is gorgeous and foil stamped, I about died when they showed up because they are so beautiful!

Another plus with using Tiny Prints Holiday Cards is the option to add your return address on each envelope. We have an adorable address stamp but with a wild toddler on  my hands, I knew I didn't have the time to hand stamp 125 cards, in addition to stuffing, addressing and popping a postage stamp on them. Oh and black and gold washi tape sealed our cards with a touch of flair. Swoon.

Tiny Prints is currently offering some awesome discounts on holiday cards, I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! Happy holidays friends, and happy card shopping! 

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Sarah Tucker said...

These pictures are just precious! I love Tiny Prints!

Allena said...

That is too cute! I always do a collage card so there can be pictures of just the kids and us as a family. It was so pitiful this year that I didn't have any 'nice' pictures of us as a family, but Brent thought it would be better to put one of us being real so it's one where we all 4 have bows on our heads, ha! Every year I end up thinking 'this is my favorite card ever'.

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