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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ford 15 months

Ford had his 15 month well check this morning and I am happy to report he is a healthy boy! I didn't go in with any questions... he's a happy, healthy, good sleeping, good eating, talking, curious boy! We switched pediatricians and absolutely love our new one, Ford was showing off by putting together a puzzle and chatting. The shots sucked, bad. The older he gets, the more the suck but it is absolutely worth the protection of his little body. I am shocked by how tall Ford is getting, his stats are below. This month has been awesome! Ford is such a little lover boy and so, so fun. 

15 month stats
Weight: 25lb 2oz (60th %)
Height: 32in (78th %)
Head: 49.5cm (96th %)

New this month
  • Talking non stop. He is quite the mocking bird and says a lot of words if you ask him. New words- paint brush, tick tock (for clock), shoes, cheese, kitty, eggs
  • 7 teeth and lots more coming in
  • Still takes 2 good naps and sleeps 12 hours straight. Dude loves sleep and his crib!
  • Pointing to people and saying their names "mama" "dada" "papa" "mimi"
  • Asks for certain people
  • Says "boo" for Haboo...our family's way of saying I love you
  • If you say "I love you" he blows kisses
  • Says animal sounds for sheep, cat, dog, monkey, cow
  • Loves his farm animal "me mes" magnets
  • Dances and sings when he hears music
  • Shoots baskets in his basketball hoop and says "oh yeah!"
  • Likes coloring with crayons (and eating them) and playing with stickers
  • Gives high fives
  • Tickles other people
  • Cleans up his toys
  • Has learned how to smile when we ask him... he cheeses and kind of closes his eyes
  • Asks for certain foods- cheese, water, eggs, milk
  • Went to 2 zoos (Cameron Park in Waco and The Austin Zoo)
  • Loves petting Ernie and throwing his ball for him. He always gets a kick out of chasing him around with his leash.
  • If you say "do you want to go on a walk", Ford will go get his shoes, Ernie's leash, and walk over to his stroller
  • Takes direction...go get your shoes, let's go get a diaper, give this to daddy, etc.
  • Has so much fun playing at the park and watching older kids. Yesterday at my bible study he played with a 2 and 3 year old boys who had him belly laughing and squealing with delight.
  • We use a lot of Young Living Essential Oils over here and Ford knows exactly where they are in my bathroom. He will go grab them and say "OYE" for oils and point to his chest. My smart/oily baby!
  • He likes to play "night night". Holding a stuffed animal or blanket and laying on the floor and say "niii niii"
  • Can get off our bed/couch/furniture by himself. He turns around and backs down slowly.
  • Got his first goose egg and many skinned knees
  • Stacks blocks (or spices from my spice cabinet) 3 high 

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