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Friday, November 7, 2014

Thursgiving and being thankful for...

Last night we had our 5th annual Thursgiving as a family. Basically on the 1st Thursday of November we grab a rotisserie chicken, boxed sides, premade pumpkin pie, and whip up a Thanksgiving meal in under 30 minutes. We probably should do it throughout the year because Jon and I are ALL about Thanksgiving foods. We spend the evening talking about our blessings, what we are thankful for, and getting overly excited about the upcoming holidays. It's taking everything in me NOT to decorate for Christmas...I do have a few Thanksgiving decorations that are out...but we've already been listening to Christmas music the whole week.

Ford shocked the both of us and ate his very own mini Thanksgiving meal. Now this is our son who won't even touch a chicken nugget or mac and cheese so we were thrilled when he was pounding chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and corn. We rewarded him with fat free Cool Whip for dessert to which he said, "mmmmmmm".

Never forgets to say his prayers at dinner

The Harts have a lot to be thankful for this year but last night all I could think about was how thankful I am to live in the same town as our family. Raising kids takes a village, you don't realize it until you are in the trenches of child rearing. Looking back on the past couple of months I think, "how would I have done it without family?!". It has been such a fun fall for me and Jon, we've gotten to go out on our own at least once a week thanks to free family babysitters. We spent months having to work around Ford's nursing/sleeping schedule to find time to get out of the house alone and now we are savoring every date night we get, knowing that come April our lives will be turned upside down. We spent 4 days in NYC, a night away in Austin, bowling and happy hour, and dinners without fishing crayon out of Ford's mouth. To say we are grateful for these nights is not enough. Last weekend my sister came over to watch Ford and we had nothing special planned so before eating at our favorite Italian hole in the wall, we store hopped. I can't tell you how nice it was to pop into a store for just a few minutes without dragging in my toddler who may or may not have a meltdown as I try on pants. We treated ourselves to a few new things and talked about how crazy it would be to have to go home and shell out $60 for a babysitter...on top of what we spent shopping and dinner. I was a babysitter/nanny throughout high school and college and I will be the first to tell you... they aren't cheap!

So this year I am thankful for health, babies, community, and much more, but I am oh-so-thankful for living in the same town as my family. It allows me and Jon to nurture, grow, and focus on our marriage and escape the chaos that is parenthood. As I look ahead to the next season of life and welcoming another child into our family, I couldn't be more excited. But I would be lying if I didn't tell you I am scared to lose that time with my husband. I know seasons and phases come and go but man I am such a better mom when I am connected to my husband. There will come a day when our babies are grown and out of the house and I sure am glad I married someone I enjoy spending time with!

Happy Friday, folks!

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