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Monday, November 3, 2014

Front porch sittin' on Halloween

I know I know, another Halloween post and it is already November! For the sake of my own memory, this year's actual Halloween night must be documented because it was awesome. The weather could not have been more beautiful.... Ford and I went to music that morning and spent about 2 hours at the park. We prepped a few things around the house and before you know it we were off to trick or treat. It was a lot of fun taking Ford to our neighbor's houses to "tee tee" but we didn't make it too far. Ford's little tree trunk legs aren't capable of keeping up with the big kids so he took a ride in a friend's wagon before we headed back home. We invited friends and neighbors to come hang on our front lawn for the evening and pass out candy, drink beer, and well... just hang. Jon does it big on Halloween. Colored lights and Zombies in every window, a fog machine goblin coming from the garage, music, pumpkins, spotlights. And this year we stepped it up and brought our outdoor sectional from the deck outside. It was kind of redneck-chic and absolutely perfect! We live on the corner and I wouldn't call our street busy but if you live in our little subdivison, you drive down our street. So it was definitely poppin. We live in a master planned community with 20k people, 99.9% probably have children so Halloween is taken very seriously in our neighborhood! At one point I was across the street at a neighbors and I looked over at my house and said "wow, I am going to go home because my house looks super fun!".

We put Ford down at his normal bedtime (7:30p) and the adult fun began. I couldn't have been more relaxed on Halloween night, lounging on the couch, curled up in a blanket, munching on way too much Halloween candy and salty snacks (I am pretty sure I ate 75% of a giant bag of ridge potato chips... I never eat those!). We had neighbors and friends come and go.... even random people who had seen our house earlier and thought we looked fun stopped by with 6 packs of beer to hang out. This is exactly how I have been envisioning my life...making my house a place where people can come to feel comfortable, wanted, and have fun! I finally had to kick people off the lawn at midnight and went to bed shortly after...the latest I have stayed up in months. The next morning I truthfully felt like I had a little bit of a hangover, ha!

Halloween 2014 was good to us and I hope it was a blast for you!


Unknown said...

I have always dreamed of living in a neighborhood like that. I would do just about anything for neighbor friends with kids. Sounds amazing!


Colleen Sullivan said...

Looks like an awesome neighborhood to live in!

Carolyn said...

What an absolutely perfect Halloween! :) I wish I lived in your neighborhood! HAHAHAHA

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