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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ford 16 months

Ford is 16 months and more fun than ever! Earlier this week I took him with me to my doctor's appointment and he was walking around the waiting room waving and saying "hi" to other ladies and I thought to myself.... how the heck did I get so lucky with such an adorable baby?! This month has brought so many new words and milestones...forgive me if this post gets long but I want to remember how much fun Ford is at 16 months!

*These days monthly pictures are taken with my iphone with 5 seconds of prep time haha

New this month:

  • Got his flu shot booster this morning and weighed 27lbs with a diaper and onesie on, my guess is 26.5lbs naked. 
  • Absolutely obsessed with Christmas trees, Christmas lights, wreaths, outdoor decorations... it is so stinkin' cute. He calls it all "tee tee" (Christmas tree) and the first thing he does when he wakes up is walk over to our 2 trees and try to turn them on.
  • Also loves having a fire in the fire place, calls it "Ffffff" and "hottttt".
  • He had a nasty double ear infection and high fever over Thanksgiving that resulted in Roseola. Luckily he loved his "candy" antibiotic and I am hoping he is healthy for the rest of the year.
  • He saw Santa on Black Friday and hated it, call me a mean mom but the pictures are priceless.
  • Getting pickier by the day. I think I can count the things he does eat on 2 hands (cheese sticks, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruit, turkey hot dogs, pouches, and of course any kind of carb). He drinks about 20oz of whole milk a day.
  • Despite his pickiness, it is nice that he can ask for what he wants. Milk, water, hot dog, cheese, banana, egg, snack. If I offer him something that he doesn't want he says "no!" and if I ask him if he would like an XYZ and he does, he responds "yeah!". Makes life a lot easier!
  • We now have full conversations with Ford and it is really funny. He loves when we ask him questions or give him tasks. He is becoming pretty helpful and will bring things to mommy/daddy, help clean up, go get a diaper, throw something away, go to the bath, etc.
  • Like I said above, he loves being helpful. I've caught him in the kitchen a few times with the mini broom and dustpan sweeping the floors. He also loves using this big scrub brush on the tile floors haha.
  • Likes playing "stir stir" while I am cooking in the kitchen. I give him mixing bowls and utensils and he cooks on his own.
  • Fake coughs and fake laughs when others do. He also copies a lot of our actions, especially at the table. If I lick my finger or scratch my face, he will too. 
  • Obsessed with taking showers and has the time of his life in there.
  • Also obsessed with chapstick and knows where I keep it in the drawer. He finds it and smiles and brings it to me to put it on to him and then kisses his lips. 
  • We went on errands as a family a couple of weeks ago and while I was shopping at TJ Maxx, Jon took Ford to go smell some candles. Well... that is now one of his favorite pastimes. He talked us in to buying 3 Bath and Body Works candles last weekend and walks around holding them and smelling them.
  • Kisses! I think I get over 100 kisses from him a day and it is the sweetest thing ever. He even makes the kissing nose. I love this boy!
  • We officially stopped swim class this month. Ford did great over the summer and into the fall but has really digressed and it has been rough. He has a blast when we get there playing and splashing around but once we make him go under, it is a nightmare and he cries the rest of the time. I feel like it is my job as his mom to make sure he is having fun and this was definitely not the case. He is so young and it is the middle of winter so we are taking a break and going to start back up in June. We are going to start gym class in the new year!
  • I think we are transitioning to one nap... every day is a new day but that's been the norm this week.
  • He loves going to bed and gets excited to be in his crib. We always ask him to go turn on his sound machine and a couple of weeks ago we noticed he was stepping on it (it sits on the floor). I originally told him "no no Ford!" but then realized he was mocking what me and Jon do...we turn on his sound machine with our feet. Such a little sponge! He loves reading books before bed and has been obsessed with a Little People Noah's Ark flap book we have. Bed at 7:30 and sleeps til 7-8am straight.
  • Loves my Young Living essential oils. He asks for "oye oye" and goes and gets the box in our bathroom. Jon was sick earlier this week and Ford would run and get the oils and point to his chest for Jon.
  • He got an early Christmas present last week... a Black and Decker tool bench! It is the cutest thing I've ever seen and he loves that his drill is the same one as daddy. He goes around and fixes things in the house.
  • I think he is going to be an engineer when he grows up. He loves switches and lights and turning things on and off. It is so neat to watch your baby learn and grow and excel at something.
  • He knows so many animal sounds and recognizes animals when we read books


Courtney said...

I just love him. Such a handsome little sweetheart! I need to do a monthly update for Lucas this month. I took the past few off, but there is just SO much to add!!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

How do you get him to drink so much milk?!? Our baby is about to be a year old and I am nervous that he will not get enough milk. He just isn't into it, but you give him water or water\juice in a sippy he goes to town!

The girls said...

Oh my goodness, he's a cutie pie. I remember 16 months being such a fun age with my daughter (who, fun fact, weighed as much as Ford does when she was 3.5)!

Annie said...

Those pictures of Ford are darling!

Allena said...

He looks so grown-up - even compared to when I saw him last month!! He is such a sweet boy - you've got a winner. :)

Tausha Wierlo said...

Such a perfect age! He is an absolute cheeser! I love all his videos!

SOOO jealous he sleeps for so long at night!

Carolyn said...

This is SUCH a fun age!!!!! I love how many new things Weston is learning each day!!!

Megan C said...

He is getting so big. My little boy is so picky too. What do you do to try to help that? I can't think of what to do to get him to not be picky.

Unknown said...

He's so stinken sweet! I have a fourteen month old boy and he's constantly making me laugh and amazing me. I'm expecting another boy in February, so nice to see another blogger Momma whose having kids so close in age.

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