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Thursday, December 18, 2014


If I am being 100% honest, I haven't had the motivation or desire to blog this week. I recycled some old posts earlier this week just to keep things moving but writing has been low on my list, and I am okay with that! If you are a writer you can definitely agree with not having the urge to write every once in a while and if you are a mom, you understand that as seasons come and go, your time is abundant or limited. I've gone through seasons where I don't want to write because things are just blah but right now the case is opposite. Things are good. I think we are transitioning to one nap with Ford this week which bumps my computer time to his 1pm nap or after he's down but with Christmas right around the corner (and baking a baby), other things have taken precedence. The biggest reason for my lack of writing is that I am just really enjoying time with Ford these days. I have a swarm of topics to write about floating around in my head (toddler stuff, pregnancy stuff, Christmas stuff), but writing it down is a different story. Today is cold and rainy but earlier this week we had 2 days of beautiful 70 degree sun and I ripped up my to-do list to spend almost the entire day with Ford outside. As cliche as it sounds, once I hit 20 weeks pregnant last week, things started getting real. We will meet our baby girl in about 18 weeks and I want to soak in every day and minute I can where my attention can be undivided on Ford. He loves playing at the park...although he is very cautious and spends most of his time climbing to the highest point of the play structure and climbing back down. And repeat. He loves kicking the soccer ball outside and collecting treasures on our walks. He points out the dogs, trees, birds, Christmas decorations, and cars as we walk through the neighborhood. He's absolutely obsessed with hugging, riding, and mounting Ernie.... poor dogs with toddlers, they are troopers. We've been spending our evenings driving through our neighborhood looking at "tee tee" (Christmas lights) and last night I told Jon that watching Ford smile and squeal at the lights is a parenting top 5. Ford loves being "helpful" lately so my chores have been taking twice as long but it is three times as fun watching him hand me plastic plates from the dishwasher and diapers off the drying rack so I can fold. We have all of our Christmas cards hanging in our entry way and Ford recognizes certain people and says hello to them multiple times a day. I really do think we will have some major withdrawls when the Christmas season comes to a close.

Jon and I have also gotten to spend lots of time together (alone!) lately and that has been wonderful. Maybe I should feel bad leaving my baby so often but we are blessed with family nearby who begs to watch him and we've been taking full advantage of that. We left him overnight last weekend to attend some Christmas parties and tomorrow we are leaving him again to go to dinner and The Black Keys concert. I feel like a cool mom and I kinda like it.

All in all, my heart is so full this season and I am eager to celebrate Christmas with my little family next week. You may not see new posts too often here on my blog for the next couple of weeks but I am sure I will come back with a bang in the New Year. Instagram has become my diary of late so be sure to follow me there.

I also have been working on my new embroidery machine! #monogramallthings

A neighbor's house that has won Best Overall Decor the pat 2 years, Ford was in heaven


Bri Runde said...

I hear you on just not blogging this week. I was the same way. Aren't little boys so fun at this age?! My little guy is so into helping, and I love how he grunts because it's such hard work. :-) Enjoy the Christmas season with your family, Ruthie!

Melissa (My Turquoise Home) said...

I just did a post on this too not to long ago and my lack of motivation for sitting down to write! We all go through it and family is the most important!

Love the house you took Ford too! It was beautiful and I bet he loved it!

Allena said...

I feel you on the lack of blogging. Life is just normal (which is awesome), which doesn't often lend itself to great blog material! Drew is obsessed with Christmas lights, and I love it! She says 'more lights' as soon as she sees ANY lights and then will say 'I like it!' for every house. Just makes me giddy! So happy you are enjoying this season with your family.

Emily said...

Yes! Enjoy those days as a trio because they are indeed time limited, but don't worry! When I had my second child I panicked because I felt like I was closing a big fat door in our life that my first could never open; that we were changing her life forever without her permission. I had a wonderful friend say to me, "what are you talking about?! You have enriched her life forever". Guess who was right? And now at five and two, I have some memories of having just one, but it's obvious we all belong together and the memory of our family will be the four of us! Once Lucy comes you'll wonder how the world turned without her in it!!

Anonymous said...

Ugggh, I've dragged this week too! I feel better knowing the more experience bloggers are dragging too! It feels like we're all waiting for the big day to be done now. Come onnnnn December 26!

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