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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby #2, weeks 20-24

How I did weekly updates when I was pregnant with Ford, I don't know! Bump pictures have been scarce around here thanks to wearing the same pajamas for days on end and not brushing my hair for the same time frame. So we are having a baby this year! Holy smokes. I was very emotional on New Year's Day partially because I woke up with the tummy bug but also realizing how quickly our family would be welcoming in little Lucy. I kept saying, "oh yeah after the holidays we will do XYZ" and that time is now! The nursery is in full swing, I can't wait to show you guys the progress, and my belly is getting large and in charge. It still amazes me how the human body stretches and grows.

23 weeks

24 weeks

  • Still sick, not surprising. I am down to 1/2 Zofran pill in the morning and 1/2 at night
  • Gained 11lbs
  • Pretty intense back and tailbone pain starting around week 21/22. Pregnancy is probably the main factor but also carrying Ford puts a lot of pressure on my back. I've been resting in the evenings with a heating pad and accepting nightly massages from my hubby
  • It's getting harder and harder to roll over in bed and often ask for a push from Jon
  • I have quite the appetite lately...not really any certain cravings or aversions, just very hungry!
  • To the average person my belly button looks adorable and popped like any other pregnant lady but my hernia is pretty protruding. I am anxious to get it repaired when L is born.
  • I got a few stretch marks around my belly button the week I was overdue with Ford and they are starting to show up now at 23/24 weeks
  • We had our anatomy scan yesterday where they take about 45 minutes to measure every single part of her body and everything looks great! We saw all 4 chambers of her heart, 2 kidneys, tummy, healthy placenta/cord, and more. It was such a fun appointment and they turned on the 3D quite a bit. Our stubborn little lady had both of her hands AND one foot over her face the whole time so getting a face shot was tricky. The tech was able to remove a little of her hands but she wants to keep us surprised with her good looks. She is measuring in the 50th percentile and has the sweetest chubby cheeks. 
  • I should get a call this week from labor and delivery to schedule my c section! I want to write more about our choice for another C section, let's see if I ever get around to it
  • Overall feeling really good but feeling big. Grow baby grow!
Stubborn little girl


Allena said...

23 to 24 weeks - you seemed to grow a noticeable amount! You still have the cutest bump - love it!

Kaileigh said...

Your bump is the cutest! You look great even if you are sick!

Cait | Home Sweet Ruby said...

So exciting, time is flying and you look so great mama!! We were like that too thinking we'd get everything done after the holidays, eek! Sorry Lucy didn't cooperate with the 3D... our little guy didn't cooperate either. It's like they know :)

Bailee said...

So cute Ruthie! You wear pregnancy so well!


You look beautiful and your baby bump is so cute! Hope you feel better!

Lauren said...

It's so crazy how fast the bump grows - I feel like mine seriously grew a lot LAST NIGHT. Love everything about this post. You're adorable and so are both your kiddos, and I can't wait to see you so so soon!!! Also, I can't believe it's already time to schedule your c-section! We'll be scheduling ours come April and I know that's going to be basically tomorrow (or feel like it anyway). It goes faster and faster each time!

MonicaLeeBlog said...

Okay, you mayyyy just be the cutest pregnant lady EVER!!! <3

Anonymous said...

So glad that things are going well. I love the little blur of Ford in the background :) You're doing awesome Ruthie!

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