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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Recent eats

Since we've been home bound for a couple of weeks, I have used that time to do lots of cooking and trying new recipes, it has been a highlight of our sickness plague. I haven't gotten around to photographing any of our meals but know that the ones I am going to share are 100% blog worthy! If only I didn't have a snotty toddler attached to my leg as I was prepping dinner, it would make snapping pictures a lot easier. I've had lots of people tell me that they enjoy the recipes I post because they are easy and I love that. I am always sure to check the ingredients and prep time before I even consider a recipe because again, toddlers make dinner prep kind of difficult. I try to spend as little time as possible preparing the most delicious meals for my family. If I can cut veggies a couple hours in advance while Ford has a snack or throw something in the crockpot in the morning, I am good. So here are some of our recent eats!

Creamy cheesy white chicken chili- one of those meals that leaves you patting yourself on the back. It is THAT good and makes a delicious winter meal with lots of leftovers.

Smoked sausage and chicken gumbo- another winner in our household and we are still eating up the leftovers at lunch. I made it easier on myself and bought precooked sausage and made shredded chicken in the crockpot the day before (and used for 2 recipes).

Healthy chicken Parmesan burgers- we made these last night and barely spoke during dinner as we savored every bite. This is huge y'all... Ford even ate an entire burger! I can't wait to dig into one at lunch. We toasted Hawaiian bread buns and made homemade french fries. Mmm.

Flank steak and 3 cheese enchiladas- enchiladas are a staple in our house because you can basically throw together whatever you have on hand and create a delicious meal. Ever since our honeymoon a couple years ago to Cabo, we've loved flank steak and finding new ways to use it is always at the top of my recipe hunt. I was able to prep the entire meal in the morning and pop them in the oven at dinner time.

One pan cheesy chicken, broccoli, and cheese- you have probably seen a lot of chicken, broccoli, and cheese bake recipes on Pinterest and the back of soup cans but none has ever been as wonderful as this (and easy!). Dinner was ready in 20 minutes and yummy as ever!

I hope you decide to try a few of these recipes, I promise you will thank me later! 

We took Ford in for an oxygen test last night and they found an ear infection, ugh. He slept in and seems very happy this morning but we are going to lay low, hang out by the fire, and he'll probably grill me up some yummy food on his new Little Tikes grill. He loves food just like his mama!


Courtney said...

So glad you loved the burgers (and Ford, too!) Lucas went nuts for them, I was so excited haha :)

Emilie said...

Thank you for sharing these recipes!!! Please continue to do so :) Meal planning is one of those things that I struggle with every week. It is so hard to come up with new recipes that I can get my husband to eat and that are easy/healthy.

We make a chili once a week and it is the best for leftovers. Really excited to try out the gumbo and chicken burgers for next week's dinners.

Bri said...

YUM! That cheesey chicken and broccoli dish looks like a must try!

It's Sooo Fluffy said...

Looks so yummy! I want to try these :)

Unknown said...

Goodness look straight from a magazine! Delicious.


Mel said...

Thanks for posting these - can't wait to add them to the rotation in the next week or two and try them out.
How difficult was the gumbo to make? and was it time consuming? I'm all about quick during the week so it may have to wait to be a weekend meal. never made my own gumbo before!

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