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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shopping from your phone with Berkeley Blvd.

One of the greatest inventions in this day and age is online shopping. And it's even better when you're a mama because the thought of going to try on clothes while my toddler pockets anything in sight and RUNS away from me with a big ole' smile on his face sounds (and is) miserable. These days you can even order your groceries online from your neighborhood grocery store and have them to your doorstep within an hour. So...why spend time digging through racks of clothing at Forever 21 only to realize their dresses are basically crop tops and their jeans are sized for pre-puberty girls. Shopping for clothes online is such a blessing because I can see outfits styled on people who actually know a thing or two about fashion and imagine that one day I'd be able to recreate. Shopping online is fun but shopping on Instagram... whole new ball game. You scroll through your feed in the morning and jealousy sets in as you drool over Saturday morning donut breakfasts and guilt settles in when you see photos of ladies at the gym with a glimmer of sweat dressed head to toe in adorable Lululemon gear (who can afford those get ups anyway?!). Then... you scroll to the latest post from Berkeley Blvd. and now you feel good. Berkeley Blvd. is an online clothing boutique started by one of my girlfriends Brandi that offers affordable, high quality, trendy but not your main stream cookie cutter look clothing items for women. You may remember my slouch cardigan in this post, it was from Berkley Blvd. and oh so comfortable! My second pregnancy is in a totally different season than before so it can be tricky to find tops that outfit my growing belly, without having to invest in an entire new maternity wardrobe. This dress from Berkeley Blvd. fits the bill and I look forward to wearing it this summer, sans leggings, with strappy sandals without the pregnancy waddle. It is light, comfortable, and well made...the top three requirements for "cool mom clothes". And it's only $34 with free shipping all the time in the US!

Do yourself a favor and follow @ShopBerkleyBlvd and you'll be shopping right from your phone!

Use the code RUTHIE for 20% off your entire order!

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Bri said...

Loving the print of that dress! It looks so great on you and your cute little bump ;)

Chelsey said...

Love the dress! I ordered that cardigan last week that you posted, but in navy because the wine color was out. I'mw earing it today and I LOVE IT!!! So super comfy & super cute.

lots of love said...

Thanks Ruthie! I just ordered the red dress on sale and purple stripe sweater for less than $30 total with the promo code! Can't wait for them to arrive. I plan to wear the red dress for a V-day date :)

Unknown said...

that's a good thing you have shared, i didn't saw this kind of review to shop from mobile. thanks
Coco Fortes

Unknown said...

Luckily for me, my sister is one of the most stylish people I know and she's always willing to help me out when I'm lacking style.

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