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Monday, January 19, 2015


This weekend was good, oh so good! We took Ford's 18 month photos, went to a birthday party, and did some little projects around the house but the best part was the weather. Yes I am an old lady who could talk about the weather for an hour. I want to know what the weather is like where my sisters are and where my out of state family is, and the weather has a huge effect on my mood. We had lots of family time and spent a good chunk of the weekend outside basking in the sunny January temperatures. We set up Ford's new soccer goals, went to the park, and did lots of swinging. Ford has always been very verbal but I feel like in the past week his speech has exploded. He said "Mama, wing!" and ran right over to his swing, I was so glad Jon snapped these photos because Ford had the time of his life. Watching him have fun is just the best. It makes me forget the fact that he says "NO!" with such attitude lately and has perfected the face-in-his-hands-against-the-wall pout. He's always been Mr. Play It Safe at the park and has now conquered the big slides on his own. It is such a joy to watch him discover things for the first time and watch him be brave and get proud of himself (he has no problem with self confidence haha). I loved watching him run around the yard and park this weekend and his chubby cheeks still jiggle with baby fat. I want to bottle up these memories and keep them forever (and somehow chemically remove the sassy toddler moments). He now asks for "hulp hulp" when he needs help doing something, I kind of love that. He also noticed the elephant tattoo on my foot while we were in the shower last night. He took his hand and started making an elephant sound and wouldn't take his eyes off of it. I need to come up with a story about why mama's foot "stamp" won't come off. 

I realize I am rambling and this post isn't really about anything but last night looking through these pictures made me feel so full and happy. The countdown for baby Lucy's birth is on and if I am being honest with you, I am terrified at the thought of loving Ford any less. I know, I know, that won't be the case at heart will grow and make MORE room to love her but right now I am pouring my heart into this little boy of mine who has me wrapped around his dimpled little finger. Oh how I love him so (and his daddy too... that husband of mine is A plus).

I almost forgot to mention my new slouch cardigan from Berkley Blvd, an online shop started by one of my sweet Austin turned DFW gal pals, Brandi. I can't wait to show you more pieces I have in my closet from Berkley Blvd but in the meantime, hop on over to their website and get your hands on one of these cardigans (it makes my stay at home/also pregnant yoga pants and t shirt wardrobe seem fancy!). Use the code RUTHIE for 20% off your entire order!

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Kristin said...

There is nothing better than seeing joy in your child's face, especially when it's the result of something as simple as swinging! So glad you had a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Totally random, but i too have an elephant tattoo on my foot.. how much did it hurt? I was in agony lol.

Megan C said...

He is just too cute! And love that cardigan, might have to go but me one!!

Unknown said...

Love these pictures!!! I also loved the post before. You have a beautiful heart Ruthie :)

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