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Saturday, April 25, 2015


I've mentioned many times before that Ford is my little engineer. As he gets older I love watching him grow physically (that boy can throw a ball far!) but watching his mind expand is incredible. Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, puzzles... he is constantly building and creating, something I know I wasn't into as a kid. One of the cutest things to watch is him problem solving. He builds a tower and it falls over quickly so he heads over to the basket of toys to figure out how to make it sturdier. Then he'll add some of his animals or cars in the mix, he has such a great imagination! Not like our house needs anymore toys (and the thought of adding little girl toys in the next few months stresses me out!) but the weeks leading up to his baby sister's birth, I've been getting him a few new toys that will make him feel special and keep him busy, mostly the latter! Funny enough, the company I used to work for (software development) had a set of WEDGiTS and they are quite entertaining so I knew Ford would love them!

WEDGiTS blocks are fun and challenging blocks for kids (and adults!) of all ages that introduce the spatial world of angles, shapes, color patterning, and matching. Basically there is no wrong way to build with WEDGiTS. They can be nested, stacked, linked, and wedged together to create hundreds of designs. This is perfect for a perfectionist child like mine who often gets mad when he can't get something put together. We got Ford the Imagination Starter Kit that we can continue to add on to because all WEDGiTS sets are 100% compatible. Ford has no issues with self confidence and is pretty proud of his creations!

Looking for an interactive, educational, fun gift for your little one? WEDGiTS!

Find Wedgits


Laura said...

Ford needs this game called Animal Upon Animal! We love it!

Theresa said...

What fun timing for this post...I just ordered my son a set today!

Evelina said...

Good luck today!!!!! It's the afternoon now, and I hope everything went well!

Gcarrie said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I have also been following for all pregnancy and babies related information. Hope this helps your readers too.

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