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Friday, November 13, 2015


My mom did such a great job saving special toys from my childhood that now my kids get to play with. The ticking of the wind up cuckoo clock and sound of the pull See and Say are so nostalgic! I can't wait until Lucy is old enough to get out my old Barbies and American Girl dolls. Now I am a huge proponent of modern technology and love using it to teach Ford things but one thing I love about toys from my childhood are the lack of flashing lights and annoying songs that you can't get out of your head. Parents must have been slightly more sane back in the day when they didn't have Leap Frog magnet sets randomly go off in the middle of the night and freak you out! Anyone else? One thing that Ford loves playing with at my parents house (and my aunts who have saved it too!) is a pegboard. He calls them "ice creams" and loves stacking and organizing by color...yep my little Type A. I was so thrilled when I found that Discovery Toys carried the same peg board I had growing up but better! We just got one for Ford and I can't keep him away from it. I can challenge Ford to stack tall towers, sort by color, sort by shape, and even tell Lucy about it. This toy is absolutely timeless and great for keeping your toddler busy! We got a few other fun things from Discovery Toys (see below), how did I not know about this company before now? They offer "kid powered" learning products for kids from birth through school aged (it was started by a teacher!). I love when toys can also be used in teachable moments for Ford who really thrives when he is learning. This 2 year old never ceases to amaze me with what he absorbs, learns, and picks up from everyday activities. 

I am hosting an online party where you can purchase directly from Discovery Toys. This is the perfect way to stock up on Christmas gifts that will keep your kiddos brains moving over the break and won't drive you nuts! SHOP HERE

Being the 2nd child, Lucy girl gets a lot of hand me downs, especially when it comes to toys. I got rid of a lot of baby toys and hung on to a few solid ones because I didn't want my house to be a tornado of baby stuff (eh, that didn't exactly happen). We got Lucy the Monkey See Monkey Do from Discovery Toys and girlfriend has a new BFF. She found herself in the tummy mirror yesterday and it was adorable. She's officially made this monkey her own because every square inch has been slobbered on or put in her mouth. She is very proud of her self that she can now sit up while playing!

The last thing we got from Discovery Toys is the Boomerings Activity Set. If you know anything about my husband's personality you'd know that Ford is a mini Jon, despite looking exactly about me. He wants to know how and why things work and loves to build, create, and imagine. The set is for ages 3+ so it's a little challenging for Ford but I love that! There are cards ranging in difficulty of pictures or chains he is supposed to recreate with the rings provided. I love watching him when he is super focused, he furrows his eyebrows and gets in the zone. 

Don't forget anyone on your Christmas list!

(party open until 11/20)


Megan C said...

Cute stuff! I am in the holiday shopping zone lately so when I read this I had to check them out!!

The Wild Revival said...

I have a toddler, my husband and I are always on the look out for educational toys. The links are going on his list for sure!

research paper service said...

Its pleasant to see your child playing with toys. Mine is only interested in cutlery, empty boxes and boring stuff. Else, he is always jumping here and there. I wonder what to do with all the colorful toys I have for him.

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