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Friday, December 4, 2015

Ford's Christmas List

My family and I exchanged Christmas lists weeks ago (maaaaybe even months ago) and that shouldn't shock you if you know us personally. All of my Christmas shopping was done before Thanksgiving because I don't like to wait until everyone else is frantically buying gifts and then I can relax during the holiday season. We actually don't do a big Christmas and I hope we can keep it that way. We are still figuring out how we will do "Santa" and this year I Santa will bring Ford a stocking and 1 unwrapped gift. Not sure how things will change as he gets older but we really want the focus to be Jesus during this season and not toys, gifts, etc. I want to teach our children that Jesus loves us and saved us no matter if we are "good" or "bad". It will be a learning curve for sure! Since Ford is still so young (2 years, 4 months next week), we still get to pick out most of his list. I am sure next year will be the turning point and he'll be asking for tons of character specific toys. Below is his list, most of which has already been fulfilled by either us or my family. I am having so much fun picking out stocking stuffers for him, he gets so excited and enthusiastic about such little things that I know he will have tons of fun opening. I hope my list can give you some ideas for your toddler!

Balance Bike- this will be his big gift from Santa/mom and dad. We got this one in case you're interested.

Helmet- we went and picked one out last week when my grandparents were in town and ended up having to get one sized for kids ages 5-8 because the toddler ones wouldn't fit. He has a big ole' noggin!

Nikes- Ford is about to grow out of his current pair of Nikes and I love how cute they are on him. The next size up is on his list so mama doesn't have to shell out the money.

Melissa and Doug Spelling Set- he is learning so much about letters at school and I got this at Learning Express for him for Christmas to practice at home.

Melissa and Doug Paint With Water- Ford loves painting and arts and crafts but it can get pretty messy with a 2 year old. He's done this with my niece before and I am excited to let him paint on his own.

Hi Ho Cherry-O- he loves games and this was on a best games for toddlers list

Chutes and Ladders- like I said above, he loves games!

Melissa and Doug Stamps- because of school he has gotten really into stamps but we don't have any at home so he is always pretending that his Lincoln Logs are stamps? Silly guy. Again he loves arts and crafts!

Melissa and Doug reusable stickers- he is also obsessed with stickers and these are plastic-y and can be put onto the pages to make scenes. I know he'll love it

Intex water slide/pool- we played on this at a playdate over the summer and I knew right away I wanted one for my kids next summer!

Mr. Potato Head- Ford played with this when we were at my aunts house in Chicago and he thought it was so funny

Boxer briefs- my mom bought him 1 pair of Polo boxer briefs and they look so freaking adorable on him and he wants to wear them all the time. He calls them his "Mimi Undies" so we have to get more!


Unknown said...

Balance bike is so perfect for this age and that pool is amazing!

Grace of God said...

I love your blog!!! My little guy turns 1 Thursday. So between birthday and christmas I need a lot of ideas! Could you offer suggestions of things Ford loved at 12 month old?

Evelina @ Fortunate House said...

My friend's son has a similar balance bike and he loooooooves it! I think it's great for when he is eventually ready to transition to pedals!

Kevin Nguyen said...

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Kevin Nguyen said...

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