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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Twas the week before Christmas...

....and it's 75 degrees in Texas! I feel silly always talking about the weather but it doesn't feel like Christmas is in 9 days because I am wearing shorts, playing outside, and turning our AC on. Nuts. We've been walking around our neighborhood after dinner to look at Christmas lights (the perfect bribe to get Ford to eat his dinner.... he ate tons of broccoli last night after I told him we could go look at lights) and it's been such a calm and enjoyable season thus far. Last night I said to Jon that I am sad Christmas is next week because it's truly been magical this year with Ford. And you just notice a difference in people... they are kinder, more generous, less crazy. Next week will be full of family, lots of fun outings, and even hotter temps. We haven't told Ford much about it but we go to Disney World right after Christmas so that will definitely help with the post Christmas sadness. I.CAN'T.WAIT. Ford played in fake snow yesterday, we are going to a petting zoo today, and I have a cookie swap Friday. Yesterday Ford had his preschool Christmas program and it was adorable. It's been a fun season and below is a picture dump to commemorate.

Such a big girl these days! Lucy is a solid sitter (game changer) and her hair is getting so long, she's growing too fast. And to answer the question in your head, yes she is always smiling.

My mom watched little sis one day and Ford and I went to Catch Air play land. It was awesome and so fun to spend time with my big boy.

The first weekend in December me and my girlfriends hosted the 4th annual Christmas Crafting for a Cause. We raised over $1,000 for Baptist Global Response for the Syrian Crisis, It was such a lovely (kid free) morning, my favorite every year!

Every gal needs leopard skinny jeans for church

We add a little something to our outdoor Christmas display every year and this year is a beautiful nativity set. We bought this one from Amazon and Jon added lights with a staple gun, it is gorgeous.

70s in December mean we can eat on the patio! This gorgeous view is from P Terry's Burger Bar in Lakeway.

I am basically an old lady who hates crowds and lines (yet we are going to Disney at the busiest time of year!) so we skipped the Zilker Trail of Lights and went to the Lakeway Lights On display... perfect for our little family and so close to our house. If you live in Austin, take your littles here.

She is all smiles in a swing... and always.

My 2 favorite boys... comeovers, plaid, and hands in pockets.

She is literally a DOLL baby

Headband is Thread Enthusiast, baby is adorable.

Ford looking like a stud at his Christmas Program at school!

Oh and last but not least.... last night we found a snake in our master bathroom. A SNAKE y'all. Luckily it was just a garter snake but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow. Ernie was barking in our bathroom and I figured his ball was stuck (he does this 100 times a day and it's so annoying) so I went in there and he was barking at a little snake. Jon was home but on an important presentation in his office so I was frantically texting him while sitting on my bed crying and watching the corner. Jon got it with a box and released it outside and today we have a snake and wildlife expert coming to check things out. He said it was a rare occurrence and will most likely never happen again. Talk about FREAKY.


Emily said...

a snake!?!? OMG. I was bitten by a snake when I was 5 and they are my biggest fear now. Cannot.handle.them!!!! How did it get in?? Crazy!!! And Lucy is adorable, I love the swing picture!!

Lindsay said...

OMG gagging over the snake!! I can't wait to snuggle Ford and Lucy again soon :)

Gina said...

Snakes!!!! Ahhh I am so freaked out now. How do you think it got in. You are brave. Ps the kids keep getting cuter by the minute

Evelina @ Fortunate House said...

it's so warm where you are! We usually have snow around Christmas and this year we don't so it doesn't really feel like christmas around here. And I would have totally freaked out about the snake!!! Good job Ernie for letting you know!

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