Monday, December 7, 2015

Color Outside The Lines

Days with my 2 kiddos are funny. No two are the same and everything is unpredictable. As much as I love a well planned out week of scheduled outings and events, some days (a lot lately) we fly by the seat of our pants depending on little Miss Lucy's naps. This morning she slept until after 8am, the first time she's slept 13 hours straight, and as much as that is something to be celebrated, I knew I wouldn't be able to leave the house with the way naps would fall. The old Ruthie would have a mini panic attack but today we played outside, did some chores, and Ford colored his very own t-shirt. Yes you heard that right. Last year Art Feeds sent me one of my favorite shirts that says Color Outside The Lines. And this year they've added a DIY color yourself kids t shirt with the same saying and I knew Ford would love it. The kit comes with a set of fabric crayons that are so easy to use (I'll have to hide them from here on out!). Ford is such a mixture of me and Jon and it is fun to watch his personality grow and change. He is meticulous like his daddy but he is creative like me. He loves coloring, painting, and anything having to do with crafts so it is always fun for me to find new projects he and I can do together. Being the little engineer he was, he was confused (and concerned) as to why we were coloring on a T shirt but he got the hang of it and had so much fun wearing it around all day. This Color Outside The Lines kids t shirt makes the perfect Christmas gift for your creative littles! You can purchase one here

Art Feeds believes all children are artists. They exist to feed creative development and facilitate emotional expression in children through art and community. To do this, they provide free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools and children's organizations by mobilizing teams of community members to bring all forms of art into classrooms. To learn more, visit

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Evelina said...

I love this shirt and what a great cause! Thanks for sharing, Ruthie

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