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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dallas Spring Break

Ford has been on spring break from preschool this week so we decided to come up to Dallas for a few days with my sister and kiddos. We had an absolute blast... with the exception of sleeping issues. Maybe some of you mamas can help me out. Ford still sleeps in a crib at our house and is an awesome sleeper. 12 hours each night, 2 hour nap during the day, and never fights going down. I wish I could say the same thing for sleeping while traveling. We attempted to get him to sleep in a sleeping bag with his cousin Embry but he wouldn't stay in bed. After an hour of trying, I got the pack and play out and tried him in there. He screamed and cried and yelled and tried to climb out. Long story short, he finally fell asleep with me rubbing his back and slept all night but wouldn't nap either. I am contemplating whether we should move him into a big boy bed at home so he is more adaptable when we travel or continue him in a crib? UGH. And Lucy is kind of a scaredy cat anywhere that isn't home. She got her first tooth on Tuesday so I gave her some grace there but man it was exhausting trying to get my 2 kiddos down for hours. last night they both went down fine at my sisters so I am at a loss. I am very thankful they sleep well at home! So any tips and recommendations gladly accepted.

Cousin dress up

Blue eyed girly, so tired from barely napping on our 3 hour drive to Dallas

We did lots of playing around the house, the weather was gorgeous! We spent one morning at the Dallas Arboretum and Ford got his face painted for the first time! I was absolutely shocked that he went through with it because he normally doesn't like to get dirty and is very finicky about certain things. They had a free petting zoo where Ford brushed goats and a sheep and a free Kindermusik class. The Arboretum had thousands of gorgeous tulips and my sister snapped the cutest pictures of the kiddos. We loved going there for Pumpkin Village, now THAT is a sight to see! We are heading to the Perot museum this morning and then home to Austin. We love our cousin time so much!


Curly Girl Confessions said...

I think this time change has been brutal!!! Not sure if that's the case for y'all, but I have read and talked to so many who are on the struggle train right now. I don't have any advice for sleep since our son fights going to bed, doesn't nap more than 30 minutes and only sleeps for max 10 hours at night. :)

Dana said...

We always had issues with sleep and travel, too. For us, I think it was a combination of a break from routine as well as a new environment. The stimulation is a lot for their little systems to handle. My boy always fell asleep with his Fisher-Price aquarium, and once I figured out to pack it when we traveled, it definitely helped add a bit of familiarity to the sleep routine in a hotel. Not that it made it totally normal, but a bit of sameness, however you can achieve that, might help.

Katy said...

Hi, Ruthie! We've emailed before... My son and daughter are the same age difference as your littles! We moved our son to a big boy bed at 18 months, which I know is early, but I wanted to get that transition out of the way before baby sister arrived (and I wanted to use his RH crib, LOL!).

I say go for it. Ford seems so smart and happy, I bet it'll go great! JJ has never gotten out of his bed until VERY recently (to which we walk him back and he clings right in and it's only in the morning when he's ready to get up). So, for almost a year he never once got out. He loves feeling like a big kid. We're actually about totals a trip to Dallas for a wedding with both kids, and I'm hopeful hell sleep in a hotel bed. Fingers crossed!

Good luck! Sleep issues are exhausting. Our 5 month old Rosey suddenly wants to nurse all night long again like the newborn days. She was giving me 2 six hour, it's all over the place!

Do you have a guest room? Maybe try putting a toddler rail on it and let Ford try taking his naps in there to see how it goes. He'll think it's special. We used toddler rails on our son's big boy bed for two months then took them off. We also opted NOT to to a toddler bed and just got a regular sized twin and I'm so glad. It saved time, money and he's used to a regular bed now.

Sorry to write so much!

Leslie said...

My daughter will be 3 in June and we just put the toddler rail on her crib about a month ago. It couldn't have gone smoother. She climbed out and fell on the floor (she is totally not a climber) and so we just decided to go for it. She doesn't get out of bed until we come in her room to get her, she is so trained from being in the crib! I agree with the above comment, Ford seems so smart I think he would do fine. Plus its so nice to not have to lift my chunker almost 3 year old in and out of bed anymore!

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