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Monday, March 28, 2016

Lucy 11 months

Our sweet chickie girl turned 11 months old yesterday on Easter Sunday. I knew it was coming but man a year is coming up fast. I am so happy that Lucy Joy is healthy and growing and absolutely thriving but gosh I feel like the past year just slipped right through my fingers. It's such a double edge sword. I love this season our family is in... my kids sleep 12 hours at night, nap at the same time, and get along so well... but I get so nostalgic thinking of the newborn phase. Lucy is SO sweet and just as sassy. This has been a fun month for our girl. She is communicating with us, understands so many commands, plays with Ford, and so much more. This lady has been such a joy in our family the past 11 months, I can't believe she will be ONE! And if you have an almost 1 year old... you can relate to the pictures below. I think I took over 100, most of which are her standing up, rolling over, and crawling away.

Lucy's precious headband is BellaMoza and her monthly stickers are Lucy Darling

  • Between 18-19lbs. I weighed her at home and she was 19lbs but it is always a little heavy. She's a peanut! She wears mostly 9 month clothing but I got all of her 12 month out since the weather is changing. She still wears newborn/size 1 shoes... when will they ever grow?!
  • Cloth diapers during the day, disposable size 3 at night.
  • Her hair is getting so long and pretty light (mine was light when I was younger)
  • She finally got her first tooth! And actually got 3 within a week. She has the bottom 2 and one of her front top
  • She is sleeping 7p-7a...sometimes later...and taking 2 naps a day. 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon (same time as Ford). She LOVES her loveys and baby dolls and cuddles and plays with them when she gets up. 
  • She is now only nursing twice a day, morning and night. She is drinking about one sippy cup of whole milk throughout the day and I think she will have no problem weaning in the next few weeks. 
  • She has become quite the eater! She is pretty picky but she chows down on things she likes. Just yesterday she ate an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, leaving no crumbs. She eats a whole banana for breakfast, Greek yogurt, grilled cheese, chicken nugget pieces, meatballs
  • She mocks you if you cough/laugh/sing. She thinks it's so funny!
  • She is a fast crawler these days. She cruises around all of our furniture. 
  • She will stand for 5 seconds on her own but no steps yet.
  • She loves her push walker and walking if you hold her hands. She also loves standing on her own but holding on to us if we are sitting on the ground... and using us as jungle gyms. 
  • If you ask her how big she is she raises one arm in the air to say SO BIG!
  • She says "more"
  • If you tell her no and she knows shes not supposed to be doing something, she looks so serious and says "Ba Ba". Stinker
  • She is pretty ornery these days. She puts a lot of things in her mouth and is pretty mischievous which is very different than my first born. She loves chewing on paper. 
  • She claps all the time and loves waving. 
  • She can do High 5 when you ask her and loves it. 
  • She brushes her hair with her brush and tries to brush mine. She also loves to pretend to wash Ford's hair in the bath
  • She dances when she hears music and sings too. It is so cute!
  • She loves feeding people off of her tray. 
  • Lucy and Ford absolutely love each other. They love crawling on the ground together and wrestling and tickling each other. They know how to make each other laugh and I think they will become really close as she becomes more of a toddler.
  • They also fight now... if she has a toy he wants and he takes it, she gets mad and grabs him and grunts and looks at me. I am sure it will just get worse!
  • She loves being in the bath and we finally took her out of her bath seat. She splashes and loves filling cups and sucking on wash cloths. 

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