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Monday, March 21, 2016

Recent Faves

I feel like I am constantly thinking of things I want to share on my blog but not worthy of an entire blog post so today I am going to share recent favorites of a bunch of random things!

If you follow my story on Snapchat (ruthiehart1...not sure how to link), you'd know that Jon and I watch Impractical Jokers almost every night. We are addicted. Jon knows how much I love prank shows and found it the week I came home from the hospital with Lucy. It was so painful to watch post C section but we are obsessed. We were so bummed we couldn't go on the Impractical Jokers cruise earlier this year haha. We have gotten my sister and papa hooked too. It is on True TV and we like a few of the other shows on there... The Carbonaro Effect and Adam Ruins Everything. We also LOVE food shows and our favorites are Unique Sweets, Food Factory, and Food Porn.

Ever since award season started, I've kept a list in my phone of movies that I wanted to see because let's face it, being a mom of 2 young kids, I don't see movies (or ever see previews). Some of our recent faves have been Straight Outta Compton, Room, and The Intern. We watched The Big Short last weekend and it was good, very informative. Up next we want to see Burnt, Spotlight, The Danish Girl and a few others. Leave any recommendations you have!

I am absolutely loving everything by Lauren Daigle lately. I have her Pandora station as one of my favorites and they play her a lot on K Love. Girlfriend has a powerful voice.

Jon listens to NGen radio all day and it is starting to catch my attention. It is a mixture of artists who aren't necessarily singing about Jesus but ARE Christians. We love LeCrea (Christian rap is cool y'all) and we have found some other awesome artists (love David Dunn It Is Well).

Cheeseburger pot pie
Salted toffee chocolate pretzel bark
Mexican meatloaf
Crockpot cashew chicken

I just ordered this flowy cami on Amazon of all places and love it! Summer temps are on their way down here and I am loving that this top can be worn with jeans and heels for a fancier look or shorts and flip flops during the day. I am kind of obsessed with anything mint colored and at $10.99, I should have bought it in all colors. This will be the first summer in 4 years that I am not pregnant or nursing so bring on all the cute summery tops!

If you haven't been following Whoa Wait Wal Mart on Instagram, you are missing out. I've bought numerous pieces of clothing, a swimsuit, rug, kids clothes, and so many cute things for cheap. I went last week to look for a pair of flats they posted but instead came home with a black and white pair of these Dr. Scholl's flats. They couldn't be comfier and so cute!

I bravely bought a two piece swim suit for this summer. I am pretty sure I am not going to have anymore biological babies meaning hopefully my body won't randomly stretch and gain 30lbs in a short period of time. I am excited to be working out again and getting my pre baby body "back-ish". I bought this swim suit in bright pink/orange and wore it to the pool last weekend. It made me feel super tan since it was so neon (and I am paste-y white y'all).

We play games almost every night when the babes go to bed and have added some new ones to our rotation. Ford played Battleship at my bible study with some of the older boys a few weeks ago and now Jon and I are playing multiple times a day. Ford loves it too! Finally Yahtzee came out with a legit app for the iPad (before it was Yahtzy...ghetto) and we love that too. We do puzzles on the ipad and also the matching game...not just for kids! Our favorite multi-player games lately are 5 second rule, Smart Ass, and Telestrations.

Jamie Ivey is a pastor's wife at our church (The Austin Stone) and I am obsessed with her podcast, The Happy Hour. I know of so many of the women through blogging and it is so fun to hear their stories. They are all free, I promise you will love it!

Shutterfly is awesome y'all. We've teamed up with them the past two Christmases for our adorable Christmas cards (Tiny Prints/Shutterfly are sister companies) and now we are teaming up with them for our adoption. I plan on showing y'all our entire family profile book but just a little info....a birth mother is presented with 3-5 family profile books when choosing a forever family for her child. These are basically like scrapbooks telling about your family... how you met, children, your home, travel, extended family, etc. We needed to order 20 books and it was the biggest blessing to receive them for free from Shutterfly. Adoption is (very) expensive so every dollar saved is incredible. I love following Shutterfly on Instagram because they'll occasionally post freebies like a free mug or deck of cards.

Lucy got her first tooth last week (and her second!) and Ford is now sleeping in a big boy bed. Crazy week huh? The kids and I also got stranded in Waco after a double blow out going 75mph on I 35 on our way home from Dallas. To be honest it was one of the crappiest/scariest things that has ever happened but God sent so many angels to watch over us. This mama does not want to drive anywhere for a while. We are getting our media room finished right now and that has been cool to watch it come along. We ordered new sofa sectionals for the media room and gameroom and the kiddos had an absolute blast spending 2 hours at Rooms 2 Go. It has been gorgeous weather, some teasers of summer, so we've spent a lot of time outside. I hope to write an adoption update later this week but we have lots of Easter things coming up this week! Oh and Lucy will be 11 months on Easter, someone hold me! Sorry for the random post, thanks for reading!

My crazy driving lady a the Perot Museum in Dallas, a must visit!

Backyard water shenanigans, they both had so much fun!

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Hall Around Texas said...

I just added you on Snap! I’ve never heard of that show, but sounds like one we would like. Lauren Daigle is a favorite of mine! I have post notifications turned on for Whoa Wait Wal Mart. I love all of the stuff they find, but my store doesn’t have about 60% of it. I never put it together that Jamie Ivey is your pastor’s wife. I love her podcasts.

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