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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yoga & pilates a-holic

Good morning! I apologize for my blogging hiatus but I have been soaking up the sun at my parents lakehouse for the past couple of days. Today, it is back to work. Be looking for pics of our 4th of July later this week!

It's true. I am addicted to yoga and pilates. More so yoga but I love me some pilates when I can fit it in. As you read in this post, I recently decided to add yoga and pilates into my workouts to strengthen my lower back (yep I am that 20 something with a broken back). As much as I love hitting up the classes at my gym, sometimes the times don't work for me. The hubby has started to travel more so my workout schedule changes weekly depending on if I work from home, workout at night, etc. My gym offers 3 kinds of mind and body classes: traditional yoga, pilates and PiYo which is a mixture of the two and my favorite! 

I took a recommendation from Courtney and bought these two dvds so I could continue to practice in my own home, on my own time.

Yoga Meltdown with Jillian Michaels

I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser and love Jillian on the show. This dvd has 2 separate levels going quickly thru the poses and sun salutations leaving you tired, sore and out of breath! If you are one of those people who thinks yoga is for sissies, try this and get back to me ;-)

On the Ball: Pilates Workout

Yes the title says "beginner" but this is an amazing workout! I never knew there were so many different exercises you could do on the ball and this one definitely works my lower back. 

I have been doing yoga or pilates at least 3 times a week as a supplement to my workouts. Yoga helps me to de-stress and relax while getting in a low impact workout. 

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emylibef said...

Coming by from the comment challenge.

I love yoga. I have slacked lately...maybe I'll pick up a DVD or two this week.

Megan said...

I might just pick up that Jillian yoga dvd. I have been doing "the shred" but I have lower back problems as well. Great suggestion!

Michelle said...

I really need to start exercising. I loved yoga when I took the classes...I think I will start up again! I felt so energized and peaceful after each workout...I want to feel that again!!! LOL!

Leah said...

Stopping By from Jenna's Journey comment challenge. I love that you have a post about exercise and just below it one about cookies. haha! My kind of girl ; )

Kristen Thornburg said...

AHHH. I LOOOVE Jillian Michaels!!
I went to see her in Chicago at a workout-in-the-park event. SOO Fun!

Linds said...

stopping by from Jenna's Journey!

Props to you for liking Yoga... I can't stand it, and generally skip it when we're doing P90x :) haha!

Lindsey said...

A lot of people I know think yoga is reserved for the hippiest granola crunchers, but I see it as a part of a balanced workout routine. It saves me on the chiropractor bills.

Visiting from #commenthour!

Martini Mom said...

I love both yoga and pilates. I've been toying with becoming a yoga instructor lately, which is funny because it's been ages since I got myself to a yoga class. I can do pilates in my family room, but I really prefer the classroom for yoga.

Visiting from #commenthour.

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