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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why did Jesus have to die?

A few weeks ago we were studying the gospel of Mark at church and our pastor addressed a question that has been in the top 3 of the most asked theological questions in his time of ministry. Why did Jesus have to die?

If you are a believer or even remotely familiar with the story of Jesus and salvation, you'd know that Adam and Eve broke a promise to God in the Garden of Eden and thus, a barrier was created between us and God and sin entered the world. Many years later, God himself left heaven to become fully man and die to pay for that sin. But why? The easy answer is in order to reconcile us back to God. Again, why? Why couldn't God forgive us? Why couldn't He move past Adam and Eve’s sin and move on. Why did Jesus have to come from heaven and die the most brutal death on the cross? Jesus won through losing his life. He defeated evil through his suffering. But why did he have to suffer?

In Mark 8:27-31, Jesus tells his disciples that he must suffer, must be killed, and must rise again to save us. He doesn't say he is going to die and suffer, he says he has to. 

Anytime someone wrongs someone else, a debt is incurred, and for forgiveness to happen, someone has to pay. Matt made a great example. You are having a party at your house and a friend breaks your favorite lamp, even if it was an accident, he has wronged you and now a debt is incurred. Your favorite lamp cost you $100 so you either say 'hey buddy give me a Benjamin' or you absorb the debt. Day after day we continue to wrong God and fall short of His through our sin. Lying, cheating, stealing, lustful thoughts, blasphemy, idolatry. We can't escape it. The debt that is incurred when we sin is death (Romans 6:23, for the wages of sin are death) and it has to be paid. And because of the authority of God, it is an eternal death. For better explanation, think of it this way...

Everyone in this world has lied. And most of us do it on a daily basis, if not multiple times a day. We wrong someone with our lie and the debt incurred is based on the authority of the person we wrong. 

1. If we lie to our friend, we may lose the friendship. Sad but the world goes on right?
2. If we lie to our boss, we may lose our job. A little more serious considering your job most likely feeds your family, pays your bills, etc.
3. If we lie to the government (treason, etc), we may spend time in prison because the authority of the government is that much stronger than the authority of a friend or our workplace.
4. If we lie to God, we must suffer an eternal death...

But wait! This is where Calvary completes the story. When we sinned, God had the choice to make us pay and die yet he so humbly sent His son Jesus to die in our place, giving us hope and eternal life in our Lord God. Is that the best news you've ever heard?! Can you rejoice with me knowing that if it weren't for Jesus, our sin would keep us in bondage and separate us from God's holiness eternally? 

"He died because God so loved the world"- John 3:16

Jesus died to pay for your sin and the debt you incurred against God. Friends, we are righteous and completely made new and holy because Jesus died the death that was meant for us. The moment he took his last breath the veil was ton and there is no longer separation between us and God.
And that's why Jesus had to die.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?- Matt Carter, The Austin Stone


Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Yes, it's so wonderful that Heavenly Father sent his son Jesus Christ to pay this price for us. We are blessed that God sent His son to die, so we could live!

Catherine said...

This is beautifully written, Ruthie. His salvation is outstanding and we all should remind ourselves of this. As believers we are so blessed for His sacrifice.

Laura said...

So beautifully written - especially for me, a new(ish) believer who thinks of these types of questions all the time. Thank you for sharing your heart.

KRISTIN said...

You are an incredible writer. I learn so much from your religious posts. I have a strong faith but I am not as educated in the bible as I wish I was, so I absolutely love these posts. Thanks friend. :)

Brooke Hamilton said...

So informative and inspiring. Of course you know where I stand in my faith, but hearing these analogies makes it much easier for me to understand. Thanks for answering a question I've always wondered about.

Unknown said...

Great post! Thanks for the reminder :)

Kelly-Belly said...

I sometimes struggle with certain Bible passages, but the way that my husband lovingly explained it to me was that...instead of fighting evil with evil, Jesus fought evil with humility and sacrifice. Wow! : )

Thanks for this beautiful post.

Krista said...

This is such a wonderful post Ruthie! Thanks so much for sharing! The explanation and examples you provided are so insightful.

Simply amazing what Jesus has done for us huh!

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Well put, Ruthie! It was part of God's plan...there had to be an atonement for us who couldn't pay for our debts ourselves. Also, HIS physical death and resurrection made it possible for us to one day be resurrected. And IS the best news EVER!!!! Thanks for sharing and for help starting my day gospel-centered! :)

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