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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

26 weeks

I have to start off by giving my sincere thanks for yesterday's comments. Jon and I are so humbled when we see how many people are praying for our family and our son. It is times like this when I am so grateful for this blog and the support the blog world gives. I got a lot of sweet comments I can't reply to because no email addresses were attached to the comment or profile, but wanted to let you know I read every single one! If you want to add your email address to your profile, check out this post. 

(He always sits on my right side so the front shot looks lopsided!)

Thoughts: Yesterday I shared the scare we had this past weekend with baby. We are so grateful to be home, healthy, and feeling good! It was (and is) very surreal knowing I could really deliver baby at any time and babies born at 26 weeks are completely viable. Please pray that baby Hart stays in for 14 more weeks (or 12-13 if you are optimistic!). 

Baby: he is already about 14 inches long! Seems crazy because full term babies are 19-21 inches so he is just really long and skinny right now. He can recognize mine and Jon's voices so I have been talking to him lately (which can get awkward because you are just talking to yourself haha)

Symptoms: I am nervous even typing this but as of today, I am 5 days Zofran and vomit free!! I spent last week testing my body and taking my meds when needed and I am feeling good. The first few days I battled some nausea but never to the point where I needed to pop a pill. After 4 months of relying on medication, it feels awesome to be feeling 'normal'. I hear that sickness starts up at the end of the 3rd trimester so we'll see how long this lasts. TMI but I am using meds to prevent a yeast infection from forming since they found some yeast in my urine on Saturday. Gotta remember the good, the bad, and ugly right? I also think I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions last night... can anyone explain to me what they felt like for you?

Movement: yes! Since Saturday I feel like he moves non stop. Jon read that because he is getting so much bigger, I should be able to feel him 6-10 times an hour except when he is sleeping. It's crazy because I can really feel him all the time, even if he is not kicking. Sometimes I look down and see his booty sticking out of my tummy. Jon feels him all the time and other people have gotten to feel/see him move too. It is so cool!

Cravings/aversions/eating: I've noticed that depending on the day, I will either crave sweet foods or savory foods. For example, Saturday I ate sausage, a burger, bacon dip... healthy huh? And then Sunday I ate 3 bowls of cereal, a pb&j, banana bread, and lots of fruit. 

Workouts: not this week. Even though I feel 100% fine, I am letting my body rest. The backs of my eyelids have been getting a good workout!

Sleep: lots of it! Since we didn't get to bed until almost 4a on Saturday, I slept probably 20 hours out of the 24 the next day. Sleep is becoming one of my top priorities lately. And I've noticed myself getting hotter at night, normally I am an ice cube. 

Clothes: I put on some non maternity pants on Saturday morning for a bridal shower and decided to wear them with a rubberband and a long shirt to cover... bad idea. I was so uncomfortable and Jon had to help me get them off afterward. The crazy cold weather has finally left us and I think I can start living in dresses. I am excited to wear some maternity shorts I have too. 

Random: since our scare last weekend, I have been wanting to get more and more done to prep for baby. The nursery is pretty much complete, we just need to start putting stuff on the walls. My baby shower is in a month (so crazy!) and I am excited to get more of our baby gear. I have been thinking about starting a list of things to bring to the hospital, one of them including a cute birthing gown! I know lots of ladies who buy them and I was up in the air but after wearing the itchy, ugly tent they gave me on Saturday, I am sold. I am doing some research now and some women have told me just to get cute nightgowns from Kohls or Target!

Question: When did you mamas pack your bags?

Jon's aunt sent us a huge box of pictures and I was excited to find some newborn ones of Jon. I have a few of him as baby and toddler but none from the first few weeks. We also found out he was 7lb 8oz at birth (no one could remember). I was 8lb 1oz so hopefully baby Hart is somewhere in that ballpark. This picture just makes my heart swell. Jon is holding onto his dad's finger so tight. I think our baby will definitely have a head of dark hair! And big ol lips. Jon was 4 days old. 

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Unknown said...

We packed our bags about a month ahead of time, but that might have been because I was SOOOO ready for her to get here! We also installed the car seat early which came in handy because then we did not have to worry about it the day of.

Carolyn said...

I am SO GLAD that you are ok! Talk about scary! :( And YAY for being off Zofran! How exciting!

My baby totally hangs out on the left side, so I look lopsided too. HAHA! Silly boys.

I cannot wait to see your nursery! I bet it's absolutely adorable!

Unknown said...

I usually get braxton hicks when I'm out for a walk or even in the middle of the night. For me (and I've heard other people say this too) it feels like your belly tightening and just getting really hard and sometimes like a little cramp in my lower belly at the same time. It also feels kinda like baby is pushing out hard against my belly if that makes sense. As far as when I packed my bags...hubby pretty much forced me to do them when we were taking our childbirth class around 28 weeks. I am 37 weeks now and obviously did it very early but I guess we like to be prepared! And for me it was kind of a mental thing of not wanting to pack because that meant baby could come ha ha Thanks for linking to the post on adding your email to your profile...I'm going to try it out! Otherwise, my email is

Unknown said...

PS Another option for a "gown" was recommended by the nurse teaching my childbirth class...a comfy cotton skirt and a sports bra or tank top. That's what I'm planning to wear. I'm planning to get an epidural so once that is done and the monitor is hooked up I'm thinking this will allow for more coverage instead of flashing my lady parts to the world...I don't know though! lol

Whim Wham Life said...

Grow baby grow! So glad everything is still bumping along:-) Such a crazy surreal time in life! xoxo

Unknown said...

How funny is it that you were bigger than Jon as a baby!?
So, glad that baby is doing well INSIDE your belly! I couldn't even imagine a scare like that now at 34 weeks, let alone at 26 weeks! Here's hoping for a smooth 14 more weeks for you!

Liz said...

Baby boy loves the same side that E does! My stomach always looks so funny because she has her booty poking out! Braxton Hicks are so different for everyone I think. It took me awhile to match the rock hard tummy to them, I just always felt a tight pain right at the bottom of my belly & kind of like I had to pee feeling. Now my stomach gets super hard along with those other 2 things. Doctor said I'm at the point where I need to be counting how many I are we this close Ruthie?!?! Feels like just yesterday I was sharing my secret with you & vice versa :)

Megan said...

So glad you're taking it easy! My son was born at 27 weeks (I had preeclampsia) and is a 2 year old miracle now! I'm sure your little guy will stay put, but babies at 26 weeks gestation are definitely able to make it!
Prayers for you and your family!

Mel said...

That lopsided picture is hilarious! Never quite seen a baby lean that much to one side!

I made a big mistake and didn't pack my bags early enough with my first. When my water broke two weeks ahead of my due date, I had nothing but a couple of onesies inside our diaper bag. Talk about a rookie mistake! I made sure for #2 that the bag was packed at least a month in advance (and go figure she was ten days overdue)!!!

I didn't have a chance to comment yesterday, but I'm so happy that everything turned out okay after your big scare, and baby Hart is doing just fine. Will continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy, and for baby Hart to continue to roast inside the oven for a little while longer.

Unknown said...

Your lopsided belly is great! He's found his comfy spot and likes it there! For me braxton hicks didn't ever hurt, they just felt really tight. But I did have a couple that were pretty intense. They didn't hurt (because trust me they hurt when they are real!) but they were just really super tight that i had to bend over to get some relief. I started getting them pretty early with Caedmon but never could recognize any with Lincoln (probaby because I didn't know what to look for). And as for packing my bags I'm the last person to give you advice. As you know with Lincoln my water broke at 24 weeks so I didn't pack anything we just high tailed it to the hospital in the middle of the night. And with Caedmon I swore i would pack them very early! But did I? no. So my water broke at 35 weeks and I was packing my bag 30 minutes later, called my friend on the way there and asked her to go buy an outfit for me to take him home in! lol.

Krista said...

Goodness, I didn't know about your trip to the ER (had to go catch up). So glad you and baby are OK! Pregnancy is full of "weird" things, I think it teaches you to stay on your toes and prepares you for motherhood ;)

My God continue to bless baby Hart!

Wendy said...

First off, Prayers to you and your growing family! Pregnancy is amazing and scary all at the same time. I think it is hilarious how he sits on your right side ~ you can totally tell that in pics :)
As far as Braxton Hicks for me, my tummy would just totally tighten ~ it wouldn't hurt, it would just contract.
Mama Bag ~ basically make-up, bra's (nursing bras or other comfy bras) nursing pads, clothes to come home in (yoga pants and a loose fitting shirt). I didn't purchase/wear anything other than the beautiful, fashionable, comfortable hospital "clothes". :)

Candice Williams said...

Ruthie stop being so cute!! Haha!!

So happy that you are medicine free right now!! What a nice blessing surprise!

Ha ha I packed my bags when my contractions were 4 min apart!! I'm crazy. I was so afraid of being sent home.. That I just never packed them. Then I threw things in a bag and off we went! I was 8cm when I got there. Needless to say they didn't send me home :)

The hospital provides a ton though!! So if you do happen to forget something, don't worry because they will have it!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the "frontal" picture!! I didn't know that could even happen.

Unknown said...

Yes, it is normal to want to get things done, not only for the scare you had but also when you get closer to the day. I took the last month off when I was expecting my first and 2 weeks to go I was done, I was so tired from getting up to pee every 5 mins or not getting comfy at night. She was born 5 days early but I was ready and what I didn't have done I didn't care. Lol as for my son he was born at 34 weeks I had placenta previa so I wasn't ready at all. Good luck and when you are in active labor (something I never knew till that day) if you are vomiting means you are progressing and it is the real deal.

KRISTIN said...

I was a spaz about getting things done way in advance just in case and then Kenley came a week late. Go figure. But, it definitely helps you relax knowing that everything is good to go. I brought a nightgown to the hospital to wear during the birth but was so distracted I forgot all about it and was actually grateful to be in a hospital gown that I could just take off and throw away (things can get messy) but then after I was all showered I put on my nightgown and a comfy light weight robe and it was PERFECT for the hospital room. :)

Unknown said...

When my sister was pregnant, we found a hospital gown pattern at JoAnn's and picked out some cute fabric. My mom sewed them, and they turned out SUPER cute and way cheaper than the ones we found online, My sis ended up having a C section with both boys, so they made her stay in the actual gowns a lot longer than normal, so having actual hospital gowns with personality made her experience (and the pictures) so much better!!

Unknown said...

Make sure you check with your hospital before you buy your own gown. Some don't let you wear it! I would say a nursing top and light robe are a MUST! I got both at target :)
Don't forget some entertainment too. Because baby will sleep a lot and I always seemed dustin and I were sleeping in shifts. Bring some snacks because sometimes you get sick of the hospital snacks.

My best advice: bring a bucket of candy, mints/gum and granola bars and make a cute sign that's says us for your nurses. You will have several different ones so just keep ion your room and make sure all of your nurses know you appreciate them :)

Also my Braxton hicks were totally crazy, haha serious belly tightening like you could bounce a rock off my belly and also it became square shape. Totally weird

MJ said...

Just came across your blog. Amazing reading. So glad you are ok after the scare. Can't wait for future updates.

P.s. I saw you on The Chive, under engagement pictures. Good stuff.

Theresa said...

So glad everything is ok! Stay put Baby Hart - you've got some more growing to do!

I can relate to those really hot nights. I think my husband was grateful that I needed so many pillows by the end...we had the "great wall" between us in pillows and I was broiling, so it buffered him. He called me "Lennox" b/c I was a furnace!

Braxton Hicks for me was just a firming of the belly. I only knew I was having them because I compared my "firmness" when I was relaxed and knew I wasn't having them to how hard my belly was when I "thought" I was having them. They did get stronger by the end - there were no questions by week 36!

I way overpacked my hospital bag, but I was still packing for labor (I didn't go through it - baby was breech, so I had a C-section). Bring an extra pillow for you AND John. Headband, bobby pins, and ponytail holders were key for me regardless. Cheap nightgowns/robes are a must and a cheap pair of slippers. Stuff that's ok if it gets messy on accident. I picked up my nightgowns on clearance at Motherhood and cheap slippers at Target.

OK, enough of the book - just happy to hear that you and baby are doing OK! John too - as I'm sure he had a mild heart attack through it!

Lissy said...

That picture or Jon is adorable! There is nothing more precious than the bond between a father and his son :)

You're the cutest prego ever!

Dana said...

Ooh, I had Braxton Hicks and they are weird! It feels like your whole tummy is just tight, tight, tight. Then my sister, who had twins and had been in the hospital to avoid delivery early, told me I was feeling ACTUAL contractions and completely freaked me out. Once I talked to the midwife and she checked me out, I knew I had to get comfortable with them!

Glad you are feeling good enough to stop taking Zofran!

Prayers and blessings to you. Jon, and Baby!

Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl said...

You look AMAZING!!

Lauren said...

Yeah yeah!! You're almost in the home stretch! I packed my bags a month before he was due but in all actuality not until the night before my induction did I make sure everything was in there.

As far as gowns go, I bought a super cute one from target. Loved it when I tried it on and had a big ol belly. Well after Ascher was born I hated it. It was too short, too tight and I wanted something comfy. So I'd say go comfy cute and remember your belly will be gone and it will just be a flub. (exciting right?!?) :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Your belly looks like a torpedo. I am so happy little bear is okay. I know what it's like to be on egg shells and worry. Love you!

Lauren said...

You should have someone make you a gown! If I was still home with my machine I would definitely do that for you! Love the updates, glad you are healthy and happy!

Becky turner said...

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