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Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Randoms

Having Jon home this week has been such a treat. Even though I am feeling 100% fine (promise!), he has taken wonderful care of me. There's been lots of relaxation in our house but also lots of friend time which has been great. Nothing like planning a seated dinner for 26 in your home. That's gospel community folks! It's getting harder and harder for me to go to the office for a full 9 hours during the day so working from home has been a saving grace. I am so glad we got big, padded, cloth chairs for our dining room because I can set up shop and still be comfortable. There's nothing like working in your pj's all day either. 

No evening is complete with games so before bed we played few rounds of Family Feud... don't judge. I was setting my alarm and the world clock was pulled up and a new game was born. I'd say a state/country listed and Jon would guess the time. Haha it sounds lame but it was actually fun (and funny). Makes for good bedside conversation too!

On weekdays I wake up about an hour before Jon to head to work and Ernie will get up with me to have breakfast, go out, then get back in bed. This morning he did not want to get up and I looked over and he was looking incredibly normal...

This week's Hart family chronicles..

Christian Girl Swag for $5 at XXI. I have been wearing the white ones non stop

 Bridal shower for my sweet friend! And belly button alert

Miss Embry is 7 months old and saying hello to all her fans

We've had this little baby bunny living in our bushes for about 2-3 weeks. Jon won't let me feed him but we've named him Bernie and Ernie likes to chase him

 Ernie had a sleepover at his Mimi and Papa's last weekend and came home with this piggy bank for his little brother. Hilarious! The resemblance is striking. And as weird as this sounds, one of my favorite parts of Ernie is his little chicken leg hind quarters

This weekend will hopefully include lots of naps, Netflix watching, and hanging stuff on the nursery walls. I've been lucky enough not to get any stretch marks yet but let's just say I am busting out of all of my swim suits... tomorrow at the pool should be interesting! 

Oh and Sunday is the 5th...meaning exactly 3 months until our due date. WHAT?! How am I 7 months pregnant people?


It's Sooo Fluffy said...

I LOVE the super cute and inexpensive jewelry at Forever 21! I also really love all the Ernie pictures. Can't wait to see bunches of baby pics :)

Anna said...

You and your belly are so cute! And I can definitely relate to you liking Ernie's chicken legs...I always call my little Yorkie Max's legs chicken thighs and like to pinch the little rolls at the top! Too precious.

Small Dog the Blog

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

Hahaha that time zone game is totally something my husband and I would do. We love games and that sounds right up our alley. We also play Family Feud occasionally. Have a great weekend pretty lady!

Unknown said...

Time sure flies, doesn't it!??! I haven't exactly enjoyed pregnancy but I feel like it has all went so fast!!! I'm due in 18 days!!! OH...and my Baxter sleeps just like Ernie! On his back like he thinks he is human :) So cute! Love the little piggy bank too! Baby Hart will think that is so fun one day!

Allison said...

Your belly is so cute! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!!

Erin said...

Hahah--- but Bernie and Ernie could be BFFs... let her feed him, Jon! ;)

So glad you are feeling good- I've been catching up on blogs and thinking about ya!!

Jessica said...

Hope you have a blessed weekend!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! I'm LOLing over your clock game. SO FUNNY!

You and Ernie are so dang cute. :)

Happy weekend!

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I love the "Ernie" piggy bank for Baby Hart. So cute!

Kelly said...

These are GREAT photos!

Sparkles and Shoes

Anonymous said...

Girl, you rock that belly button! And could Embry get any cuter? Geez, she's a doll.

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