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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Approaching Him

Today's Jesus Calling really had me thinking. Well, it's rare for it not to get me thinking but after reading this morning's devotional, my mind is dwelling on a hard truth. 

Is there a right way to approach God? Am I being obedient in when I approach Him? 

Taking a deeper look into my relationship with The Lord I see a steady balance between pressing into Him during the dark hours and singing His praises in my triumphs, which got me I living in His joy and peace in the mundane? Do I look at my everyday routine and recognize it is full of His mercy and love. It's so easy for me to call out when I am in need and to give thanks when I feel full but in the everyday movement of life I tend to neglect Him as my sounding board. Early mornings with Ford, late nights with my husband, a fridge full of food...these are His everyday gifts. He wants our hearts during the darkest trials, the brightest blessings, and the normalcy of our everyday lives. Nothing separates us from His vast love.

He knows precisely what we need to draw near to Him. He hand tailors provisions for our very needs. Do not reject His gifts, find Him in every situation. -Jesus Calling


Claire Beeks said...

Amen! Loved this little reminder to always be present in Him. I, too looked into my fridge the other day and was overwhelmed with gratefulness that our family is provided for. God works through the tiny and the mighty works in our lives! Love you dear one!

Katy said...

Beautifully articulated. When I grab my baby out of his crib in the morning, I walk him over to his window and rain or shine say, "Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day!" Even when I'm tired (which is most mornings!). I've been trying to focus my praise and be more intentional in appreciating the little things. At the end of my day, they all add up to huge blessings!

Emilie said...

This is such a needed reminder. I need to be more intentional and present in everyday life. You always have the most timely posts :)

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