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Friday, May 30, 2014

Day in pictures

Yesterday I documented our day in pictures (no edits, no fancy filters, just my iPhone). I usually whip out my phone a few times a day if Ford is doing something cute but I thought it would be fun to take pictures of our random happenings. So... I present to you... a day in the life of a 9 month old and his mama.

Jon let me sleep in so he could have some extra time with Ford between business trips. He was back on the road that afternoon so I got some extra z's and quiet time. 

Cinnamon Life or yogurt with granola is my go to breakfast

Ford's down for a nap... this means chores and laundry for me

I managed to brush my teeth and put on some makeup at 10am...forgot to brush my hair, whoops

Ford had a blast at a water themed playdate (not pictured, the mountain of guacamole and strawberry margarita I indulged in)

Ernie can't let me out of his sight and loves hanging in Ford's room. Nursing before nap

Ford is into EVERYTHING these days...blinds are so fun.

He is pretty brave these days, trying to balance on everything, including Ernie.

Baby chasing is rather exhausting so we head to the grocery store to stock up for company this weekend (thank God for food pouches, great distraction while shopping).

Note to self, never get the "fun" shopping cart ever again. It is basically like driving a boat in New York City. Longest. Shopping. Trip. Ever. 

I am collecting formula for Austin Life Care so we picked up and sorted donations. Ford was so interested in all the cans... ironic because he never took a bottle... 

Rotisserie chicken, cauliflower, cucumbers, and yogurt were on the menu tonight...someone was having an emotional dinner.

The result of the above picture was a nice long walk with our neighbors to chill out. 

This is cheating but I can't NOT post these videos of Ford in the bath! First I notice he was crouching and popping up and realized he was playing peek a boo with me. He loves when Jon and I hide from him and pop out, it is so cute watching him learn and mimic us!

Then he just couldn't shake the giggles. 

Bedtime came quickly after bath was over and I finally got the chance to relax. Since Jon was gone, I ate leftovers standing up in my kitchen,  caught up on DVR, and sit down with my computer. When Jon is not traveling, we try to be intentional with the time we have alone and play games, sit on the deck, or just talk, so when he's gone, I try to be productive with blogging/computer stuff/crafts/chores/etc. And balance that with relaxing or sleeping. 

One more check on this boy and I am off to dreamland

Ford and his cousin Embry will be reunited later today! We are looking forward to a fun weekend with family. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for weekend pictures :).


Lauren H Edmondson said...

ahh the fun carts at stores are always a doozy to drive! Sawyer insists on the big racing car carts when we go to Lowes and I feel like I am whipping a land yacht around!

Anonymous said...

What a busy day! I like to see how life with a 9 month old is. Soon we will be there as well :)

Unknown said...

That was a fun post, he is getting so big and I loved the bathtub videos, babies are so cute when they laugh and play peek a boo !!
Thanks for sharing your day , it was fun to see a day in your life !! I wish we had iphones and computers when our kids were babies, I would have had so much fun with them !!!

Courtney said...

Yeah, those carts are the worst. Abigail requests the "fun" carts every time and I feel like I'm trying to steer a bus...that can't turn.

Whenever Jim is gone I always stay up ridiculously late....usually so I can fall asleep fast and not freak myself out, but also so I can watch tons of my shows and catch up on blogging ;)

Unknown said...

Cant wait to see you guys tomorrow! I think we may need to indulge in some ritas' as we watch the boys throw beans and guac at each other..

Chelsea Phelps said...

So fun! And I am glad I am not the only one who loves Cinnamon Life! It's the only cereal I crave these days and has been for almost a year. Love that stuff for some reason!

Sarah said...

you are so brave giving him control of that pouch!

Allena said...

What a fun day! After having to work (outside the home) after both kids, if I'm being honest, I'm not sure I could be a SAHM...but it sure does look wonderful! Also, I think we have the same washer, ha.

Jessica said...

looks like a fun day! Ford is so darn cute. I saw that video of him in the bath on IG before I checked your blog and I just smiled the whole time.

Angie said...

I hate fun carts and my kids love them. They usually throw a fit till I give in. It makes the whole shopping trip pure misery

Angie's Angle said...

What a great day - I love these kind of posts. I always mean to do them, but my days are soooo boring most of the time.
I love that Ernie doesn't like to let you out of his sight :)

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