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Monday, June 16, 2014

A celebration of Fathers

This weekend was one for the books. We did so much, yet relaxed just as much. We got stuff done around the house, took naps, saw family, saw friends, went to church. It was a great weekend and the best part was getting to celebrate Jon's first Father's Day! We also got to spend time with my dad who has been such a great example of a parent/father for both me and Jon and it is the coolest thing to watch him love on Ford. If you've met my dad, you've fallen in love with him. He is the best friend you will have, the hardest worker you will hire, and one of the most loving, kind, and generous people I know. Yesterday at community group, the wives went around to talk about what makes their husbands special on Father's Day. I love doting on my husband and it's not done often enough in front of others so I really appreciated this! When I think about Jon as a father, I can't imagine doing parenthood with anyone else or with any less love and support. I talked about how Ford's birth was unexpected and not exactly what we had hoped for but from the second Jon met our baby boy, he stepped into this role that God had created for him. Nothing has been hands off for Jon (although he absolutely gags when Ford is covered in food and prefers that I clean him up, ha). Men don't always dream when they are young of one day bearing children and becoming fathers (unlike most girls who have their baby names picked out by their 16th birthday). Jon was destined to be a father all along and I love watching him grow in this role as Ford grows and changes. He doesn't just help during the good times but he is there in the thick of it... sleep training, breast feeding, wonder weeks leaps. The other day I started crying and told Jon, "I love Ford so much and I just realized you feel the exact same way about him". As the primary caregiver for Ford, it's easy for me to have a one track mind about the way I feel about him, his needs, and his everyday happenings, but Jon is right along side me. I pray that Ford grows up to be as confident, generous, trusting, funny, loving, and awesome has his daddy!

Here are a few snapshots from our weekend. 

How cool is it that Ford's hair looks red in this picture? Ryan is everywhere! #redballoonsforryan

Floating with Mimi and Papa...Ford is a little fish!

Summer days really wear him out...he was dozing off on Mimi in the pool

Family selfie

This is how I will remember summer

We stopped by an awesome car show yesterday before church and Ford is already enjoying daddy's favorite hobby!

Ford's first car in 15 years?

I snapped some pictures last week of Ford in Jon's office and had a big one framed for Father's Day.  I remember every year growing up my mom would take us to Olan Mills in my dad's suits and ties to get our picture taken, I just had to live on the tradition!

To the one who teaches us how to be parents, who loves us unconditionally and without limit, who covers us in grace and mercy every single day, God we love you. Thank you for choosing Jon to be the father of my children and thank you for being my Father! 

"I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." -2 Corinthians 6:18

What was the highlight of your Father's Day weekend?


the girl in the red shoes said...

Isn't watching your husband be a father the absolute best??? Such cute photos of Ford! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

So CUTE!! i love following your instagram pics even if i can't get on your blog. I love your tradition of the sweet :)

Unknown said...

relaxing and productive weekends are the best kind!! Happy 1st Father's Day to Jon! Those last few pictures are beyond adorable. :)

Katie said...

Ford is so photogenic it's insane. such a little cutie!!!!!

Unknown said...

What a cute idea to put him in Daddys office with the tie, that is wonderful !!! Those will be pictures you both treasure forever !! He is such a cutie !!

Dana said...

Your summer memories photo is awesome. There is nothing cuter than baby rolls! If only that were true later in life! ;)

Allena said...

Those pics of Ford in Jon's tie/glasses are GREAT! What a neat idea.

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