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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor day

Last year on Labor Day I was so sad to miss out on a family weekend at the lake but I was still bent over and hobbling around post C section and sleeping in 3 hour increments. I remember thinking 'Okay next year will be great! Ford will be 1 and sleeping through the night!'. Well here we are, a year later and another Labor Day weekend gone. It was the perfect 3 day weekend spent at my parents lakehouse with our entire family. Nothing better. Ford was very iffy about the sand but really enjoyed splash in the lake and laying on floats with mama. We ate great food, played lots of fun games, stayed up late (for me!), and had a fantastic time. Being at my parents lakehouse is such a treat for us because we can unplug and relax and only have to drive an hour to paradise. There was lots of cousin time for Ford and Embry....playing together, stealing toys, getting sad, hugging each other, wrestling. They are really the cutest little friends and Embry calls him "Boooorrrr" (Ford is a hard word to say!). We went on 2 long, baby-less boat rides that were the highlight of my weekend. I could ride on a boat all day if I could. Labor Day seems like the end of summer, although it is still pretty darn hot here in Austin. School is back in session and fall is right around the corner! 

Spicy shrimp boil...there was 4lbs of shrimp hidden in there!

My cute parents, married 29 years this summer!

My brother James and his adorable girlfriend Demi, Ford just loves her!

Someone enjoyed a homemade popsicle

These babies are so easy to make laugh!

Ford was putting on a show here and splashing/soaking the entire kitchen with bath water!


Allena said...

Can Ford come teach Drew how to sleep through the night? We had 3 good nights in a row and then last night...nope. Ha! Great pics - looks like so much fun.

Bri said...

What a great way to spend the holiday weekend! So much fun!

Liz said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

love the miller lite sign in the background!

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