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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ford's Christmas List

I collect ideas for Christmas months in is no secret that I also love getting my Christmas shopping done early! My family started asking me for Ford's list a couple of weeks ago and to be honest...he doesn't need anything at all. I sit here writing this post on my living room couch and in my immediate view can see a lawn mower, cozy coupe, slide, play table, pizza set, doctor's kit, riding toy, 8 puzzles, and an overflowing toy box. And this is only 1 of 3 play areas we have. It is nuts how quickly kiddos accumulate toys with holidays, birthdays, etc. Last year I didn't get Ford anything because he basically slept through our entire celebration but this year is different. He loves his toys and loves ripping through wrapping paper (give him a bag of tissue paper and he is a happy camper!).

Play food- Ford loves his play kitchen but we seem to have lost a lot of our play food. All I can seem to find in ours are hot dogs, corn cobs, and eggs so this will be a fun addition to his kitchen.

Piggy bank- Ford's cousin Embry got a piggy bank for her birthday in October and he loved putting coins in it with her. Great for fine motor skills, teaching him about money, and of

Connect 4 game- perfect for fine motor skills and fun.

Soccer goals- Ford is obsessed with anything sports and we plan on enrolling him in SportBall this spring. It is a parent child class that teaches your little ones about a few different sports and soccer is one of them! He has a baby friend who has these and he loves playing with them.

Any sports balls- again, he is obsessed with balls and calls most of them "ba-ball" (basketball).

Bathtub crayons- Ford spends at least a half hour a day in the bath and has a blast playing with his toys. He is also into coloring with fat crayons so these are perfect for bathtime fun.

Little Snoopy pull dog- Ford played with this last weekend at my aunt's house and he was hooked. He walked around for a good amount of time just pulling the doggie.

What is on your little one's Christmas list?


Bri Runde said...

I have worked on getting our shopping all done early this year, and it feels great! I hope to continue this from now on. :-)

Love the bathtub crayon ideas; my little guy could spend all day in the tub too, so anything to make it more fun is a great idea. ;)

And, I loved Connect Four when I was growing up; totally forgot about that game.

Unknown said...

I haven't even put together a list yet, so I'm not sure what we will even be getting Grayson. I do think we'll do a cozy grandmother wanted to get him one for his first b-day, but he got SO many riding toys it didn't make sense. He's also BIG into puzzles and books right now, so lots of those I'm sure. I'm also thinking about a play kitchen...good to know Ford loves his!

Bridget said...

Turner is OBSESSED with the vacuum. Anytime I vacuum, he wants to do it. I ordered him a lil' Dyson of his own off Amazon. It was actually pretty cheap so I am so excited for him to have his own lil' play one to do with me.

Unknown said...

love the play food idea! A word of caution about those tub crayons. They stained my rags from scrubbing it off lol

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