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Monday, January 12, 2015

Ford 17 months

Our little doodle bug is 17 months and I am holding onto the last few moments I have with him as my baby because next month he will be closer to the age of 2 than 1. Tears. Speaking of tears, we had a lot of them the past month thanks to a plague of sickness that infected our whole house. Rough stuff, y'all. But we are on the ups, Ford is sweet, happy, smart, and loves life. We love life with him!

This month...
  • Last week we went into the pedi for an oxygen test and he weighed 27.5lbs with clothes and shoes on. My guess is about 26.5lbs. He is getting tall too! He will be measured at his well check next month
  • Basically had the flu but tested negative- high fever, nasty cough, cold, no appetite, lethargic, ear infection. Yuck. Luckily he loves amoxicillian...aka "candy".
  • 2 new teeth this month, now has 9 total
  • Still takes 2 solid naps and doesn't seem to want to drop anytime soon. I do put him down later than before and he naps about 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5-2hr in the afternoon
  • Bed at 7/7:30p and sleeps 12 hours straight
  • Loves using his new standard size pillow in his crib
  • Talking all the time, repeats anything we ask, very chatty.
  • Sees himself in the mirror and says "me!"
  • Obsessed with Bubble Guppies and I am pretty sure we have watched 100 episodes over the course of being sick. It is a pretty cute show and he refuses any other. Now that he's well, he usually watches 1 25 min episode a day when we need to get stuff done
  • Loves helping me clean and put things in the trash, "tash!". He gets out sponges and paper towels and will wash the floors and cabinets, I love it because he is learning to be helpful.
  • He knows a few shapes- star, heart, circle and recognizes them in books, puzzles, and out and about.
  • We are working on colors, he can repeat all the colors but not great at recognizing
  • Can do a few of his chunky Melissa and Doug puzzles on his own (animals, shapes, transportation). He gets very proud of himself when he does it!
  • Recognizes tons of objects in the First 100 words book and tells me what they are- shoes, boots, crib, bath, brush, ball, plane, boat, truck, different animals and foods
  • Obsessed with his new kitchen and grill. We bought this one second hand and he could spend hours cooking and grilling. 
  • Becoming quite the perfectionist like his dad. He was "making" me a burger in his kitchen and Jon helped him stack all the toppings to bring over to me on a plate. As he was walking over, the whole thing fell on the ground and he got very sad and embarrassed. 
  • He pouts now. If you tell him no or we have to leave somewhere (mimi and papa's), he will run into the corner and put his head in his arms. Little toot.
  • He asks about different family members and people who aren't with us at the time. I will ask him questions like "Ford do you have hair?" and he will answer me but also ask "Mimi? Papa? Daddy? Bug?"
  • Now says Bee Bee for Embry
  • Loves playing rough with Ernie and rolling on him/flipping over him. Poor Ernie, I feel bad for dogs with toddler siblings but he is so tolerant!
  • Getting less picky, phew. We gave him ketchup for the first time and now he enjoys a few different meats dipped in. 
  • Says "baby" and finds my belly and gives it a kiss. He got a baby doll for Christmas and feeds her bottles and pats her back and says "shhh"
  • Knows the difference between hot and cold, either "hot" or "brrr"


Allena said...

I am impressed with how much he can say! Boys usually are slower to talk than girls - looks like you've got a smartie on your hands. :) Drew had her 2 year well-check on Friday and fully dressed was 22.8 pounds, ha!

Chrissy H said...

He is so stinkin handsome!!

Annie said...

Oh my gosh--your story about him dropping the burger and getting embarrassed is the sweetest thing ever!! What a little cutie!! I can't believe he's almost a year and a half!!

Tomi Fanning said...

17 months of pure joy and fun! Love that boy!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy 17 months, Ford!

MOMOTOM said...

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