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Friday, April 10, 2015

Ford 20 months

*posting a day early but Ford turns 20 months tomorrow and Jon turns 32!

I asked Ford if he wanted to get his picture taken and he ran right over to his PBK chair and dragged it to the spot we take his pictures at. So smart! It is almost impossible to get a photo of him NOT moving these days, he is very very busy being 20 months old! We are loving every moment with our sweet little boy, soaking it in while we can before his little is sister is born very soon. He is such a little lover, I can't wait to see him become a big brother this month!
  • Weighs 29 lbs (taken at my doctor's office), not sure about height.
  • VERY verbal this month. He's now stringing together 3-4 word sentences, asking questions, and learning new words everyday. We are working on specific sounds with him (ex. he calls himself Word so we are working on the F sound). 
  • Says "please" all the time! If he needs help with something he'll say "Tease mama help!". He says thank you about half of the time when we give him food, etc. 
  • He is very celebratory these days, cheering for people and himself (he is very proud of his accomplishments). "Yay mama! Yay dada! Yay Mimi! Yay Papa!" all day long... and even in his crib at night. He loves clapping and cheering when we go to the restroom too. 
  • We started Sportball this past month and he loves it! It is a parent/child class and he's with 4 other little boys who all recently turned 2. So far we've done soccer, baseball, and volleyball. It is hilarious and adorable, I think he is going to be really athletic.
  • Still loves his mimi. Last week I was on my way to drop him off at her house and the whole way there he said "Yay Mimi house!"
  • Says "I love you" occasionally. Melts my heart into a giant puddle!
  • Loves when Jon and I kiss. A few nights ago I asked him for a kiss before Jon took him to bed and he said "No mama dada kiss" and then proceeded to say "more" when we did. He will ask me for kisses too.
  • He loves blowing and catching kisses.
  • Loves reading books! The past few months the only books he liked were flap books but he is all about reading these days. His favorites are Caps for Sale, Goodnight Texas, Little Blue Truck, and a few big brother books.
  • He says "Big Bubba" which means big brother
  • Loves to run into Lucy's room first thing in the morning and point out different things I've hung on the wall. She has two baby dolls in there and he likes to put them to sleep and play with them upstairs.
  • He has a baby sister doll downstairs and he loves turning on the Mamaroo and putting her paci in for her. He brings the kitchen stool over there and just sits with her. So cute!
  • He helps me unload the dishwasher. He brings me all his plates and bowls and I let him unload the silverware tray. He brings them to me one at a time, "spoon, kniiiiiife, fork"
  • He is eating SO much better this month. Loves meat balls, meat loaf, grilled chicken, sausage, cooked carrots, squash, zucchini. I am so glad we got past the super picky phase.
  • We can now bargain with him at mealtime. Ford if you eat two bites of chicken you can have a XYZ. Surprisingly he understands and obeys. 
  • Very good at recognizing shapes, not so much colors yet.
  • Aces all of his iPad games and asks for "by pad". I am very grateful for this since I take him to most of my OB appointments, he is an angel!
  • He is very interested in his "wee wee" when he is naked. He always talks about it in the bath/shower and makes sure to wash it. He loves being "nay nay" (naked) and recognizes when Jon or I am naked. 
  • We set up an automatic train set a few weeks ago and he is obsessed! Jon's dad had one when he was growing up so it was just as fun for Jon!
  • Loves his tools and helps daddy with projects
  • We spend a lot of time outside where he plays with his water table, animal figures, soccer cones (running zig zags) and sidewalk chalk. He loves to go to the park and going down the slides and swinging.
  • He is so good at pretend play... he can sit for an hour and play with his Bubble Guppies or animals... I am very thankful for this!
  • Ford had his first time out this month. It was a few weeks ago so I can't remember what he did but it was driving me nuts and he wasn't listening so we put him in a corner of the other room and walked away. He was VERY sad and immediately came to apologize.
  • Stemming off my comment above, he is very apologetic and emotional. If he knows he hurt your feelings he gets sad, it is cute but I hate having to discipline him (although necessary!).
  • He has a love hate relationship with Ernie these days. In the mornings he gets scared/annoyed by him and doesn't want him coming near. By the end of the day he is mounting him and smothering him with kisses, poor Ernie.
  • Ford loves going on walks and runs to put Ernie's leash on and get in his stroller.
  • Loves airplanes and waving at them in the sky.


Kristen Danielle said...

You are such a good Momma! He is blessed to have you and Jon. I love how excited he is getting for Lucy!

I know from instagram posts way back when, that you did BLW with Ford. Do you have a blog post about it? I'm interested in learning more. I have some time to go as my little girl is just 2 months, but I'd like to read up on it now.

Thanks Ruthie!


Evelina said...

I LOVE that he loves when you and Jon kiss. What a beautiful example you are setting for your son :)
Happy weekend and happy birthday to Jon!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your updates on Ford...and your updates on Lucy. I have a 15 month old, Ellie, so it is so nice reading about other mommy bloggers! I was wondering what Ipad games you use with Ford? Ellie is obsessed with our Ipad but I haven't found anything she actually likes playing yet.

yours truly said...

He is so adorable! My little guy will be 2 tomorrow and I can no longer get him to stay still for photos!

Christine said...

This is just the cutest thing and makes me so excited for the things we still have ahead of us!

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