Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Favorite Baby Products, 2nd Time Around

I wish there was a way to test out baby products for a couple of weeks before spending tons of money on them only to realize you hate them. I am only 2 weeks into 2nd time motherhood but I am quickly finding favor in baby products I didn't use with Ford. It's amazing how many new and improved products come out in less than 2 years! I am sure that as Lucy gets older I will find new things I like and start to hate things I already own. Here are a few of my favorite baby products this time around.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow- I used a regular Boppy nursing pillow with Ford and was annoyed that I had to use a little pillow or blanket to prop his head up while feeding. The My Brest Friend has built in little pillows where baby's head goes plus back support. I am loving it!

Motherlove Nipple Cream- Instead of using Lanolin I used Motherlove Nipple Cream and I can't shout it's praises more! Nursing the second time around deserves it's own post but this cream did a great job of soothing and healing my nipples (which only had pain on the day my milk came in and 1-2 days after). It's not sticky and thick like Lanolin, doesn't stain, and doesn't need to be washed off before nursing.

Joovy Boob Bottles- For the few weeks Ford did take a bottle we used Dr. Browns. They are great bottles for bottle babies but not the best to switch back and forth from boob to bottle because of the nipple shape. I've been collecting different brands of boob shaped bottles and decided to start with Joovy Boob and Lucy is doing great with them! She got her first bottle when she was 5 days old and gets 1 per day of pumped milk. They are easy to clean which is a major plus!

Snoogle Pillow- I can't believe I got through my entire 1st pregnancy without a Snoogle! It was a game changer with Lucy's pregnancy and even more helpful postpartum. I can wrap it around me to support my belly (if I don't support around it, it falls and really hurts my incision...not sure if that makes sense?) and I can use it to assist with nighttime nursing. I don't see myself breaking up with my Snoogle anytime soon!

Milkies Milk Savers- Oh my! I have been telling all my mom friends about these, I nominate them for the best baby prouct of all time. You put the Milkie in your shirt on the boob you aren't nursing with and it catches what would normally just leak into your breast pad. I remember having to press down on the non nursing boob to prevent leaking and often times my breast pads would be soaked. It saves the milk and I have been adding it to my pumped milk, it is amazing how much leaks! Depending on when I fed her last, I can get up to a half an ounce per breast which is basically free milk.

Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump- I didn't pump much with Ford since he didn't take a bottle but when I did, I barely got anything. My insurance covered an Ameda breast pump and I never got more than 2oz per session. I was confused because I didn't have a supply issue (hello giant baby Ford) and knew it was the pump when a friend who had a Medela had to borrow it and told me it basically sucked. I was shocked that my insurance covered another pump for this pregnancy and I am loving the Medela! In an 8-10 minute pump session I get 6-8oz which is enough for 2 bottles for Lucy! With my pumped milk plus the Milkies milk, I have already been able to freeze a few bags of milk.

Wubbanub Pacifier- Along with never taking a bottle, Ford never took a pacifier. It was the weirdest thing, from day 1 he didn't know how to suck it. Looking back it is nice we never had to wean him off of it but it would have been nice in the beginning to have him take it during his witching hours. I was given a Wubbanub at my baby sprinkle and brought it to the hospital with us and Lucy immediately took to it! I never understood what the significance of the little animal was but now I get it. It helps the baby keep the paci in because the animal lays on their chest. Lucy isn't the best at keeping it in but we use it in the evenings when she thinks she's hungry but just needs to blow off steam. I'm not sure if she will become a paci baby but I am so thankful for the Wubbanub!

**Our photographer posted our birth pictures on her blog last night, I can't believe this was only 2 weeks ago! You can view them here.


Brittany Rasmussen said...

Now I am rethinking some of the bottles I registered for, and the nipple cream as well! Is that a boppy newborn lounger you have in the top right of the picture? Someone else mentioned how great that thing was and now I'm wondering if I need to get my happy butt to target to pick a few more things up!

Evelina said...

I never understood the point of the animal on the Wubbanub either! Makes total sense now :)

Courtney said...

Oooh good call on the nipple cream and the milk savers!! Definitely going to grab some of that today.

Brooke Sharpe said...

My baby also has never taken a bottle or a paci! I will definitely be doing what you are doing the 2nd time around and giving baby #2 a bottle very early. We didn't start a bottle with our first until 8 weeks and I'm sure that's why she won't take a bottle!

Sarah said...

I had those milkies with Crue and they were totally Gods gift to me!!

Michelle Levine said...

Oooh i should check out those milksavers for my bundles ! Great list !

Megan C said...

Great tips! I wasn't happy with my breastfeeding pills last time either so I might have to try that one. I know exactly what you mean about the incision, not a good feeling.

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