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Friday, May 22, 2015

We made it to Friday

Well folks, we made it to Friday. This is extra monumental because this week I survived my first overnight, sans Jon, with both babies. Jon was gone for almost 48 hours on business and I felt ready to do it on my own. I was offered lots of help and friends and family checked in on me but I made it and it wasn't bad at all. I think the anticipation of doing it all on my own is worse than it actually happening. I remember that with Ford. I psyched myself out before Jon had his first business trip and then when it happened I thought, "Wow, this isn't bad". This time was a tad different... two kids is 10 times more work than an easy newborn but honestly things were pretty seamless. We went out and about, saw friends, and were all bathed, fed, and safe. Jon got home late last night and I told him I was sore, simply from motherhood. I am feeling so much better physically this week. I had my postpartum appointment Monday (C section moms have it 3 weeks PP) and everything checked out great. I am still having tenderness around my hernia repair and occassionaly around my incision but I feel SO much better than I did even last week. I walked with the babies in the double stroller and felt semi back to my old self. I know each day brings a little more healing so I imagine I will be feeling awesome here in a few weeks. One thing that is comical is the logistics of getting out of the house with two after a C section (well just in general). I have a post coming up next week on what has been working for us to make things easier.

This afternoon we are heading to my parents lakehouse for the holiday weekend and although my packing list is a mile long and the thought of all of our stuff fitting in my car is comical, I cannot wait! It's actually supposed to rain all weekend but we will be away and with family and friends (which equals lots of extra hands to love on babies!). Cori and Embry came in town last night and Embry is so in love with her baby cousin Lucy! And Ford and her play so well together, it should be a fun weekend! Note.... I hope it doesn't rain because Ford and Lucy both have new swimsuits I want to put them in! Now a few pictures from this week.

Out in the hood in our double stroller (we have this one and love it, everyone with 2 kids should have it!). And carseat canopy from here.

So many kisses for baby Lucy! He is such a sweet and loving big brother

Lounging lady (in her Little Elle Boutique headband)

These two girls will be sticking together when baby boy Higgins comes this fall!

Background on this video. A few weeks ago Lucy accidentally swatted Ford in the eye with her foot or hand and now he loves recreating it. Goofball with such a good memory! And I got him saying "Haboo" on camera. This is how my family says I love you, you can read the back story here.

I hope you all have a wonderful 3 day weekend! Thank you to the brave men and women who have selflessly fought and lost their lives serving our country. 

Oh and I have 2 giveaways live right now!


Evelina said...

Hahaha that video is so funny! He has such a good memory!

Sarah Tucker said...

So cute!!!

Bri Runde said...

Way to go momma! Have a great weekend away!

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