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Monday, May 11, 2015

Ford 21 months

What a big month it has been for our BIG boy. He is now a big brother! Or "big bubba" as he says. I know we are only 2 weeks into his role as big brother but it could not be going any better. I really had no idea what to expect welcoming Lucy into our family (can you ever know what to expect?) and Ford is making the transition beautifully. He is such a little lover boy, I keep saying he is the perfect big brother to a little sister. He wants to hold her, kiss her, find her toes, touch her hair, play with her on the swing or playmat. I really can't wait to watch their relationship blossom! I am sure I will write a lot more about the transition as time goes on but Ford is currently getting an A plus in the big brother department!

  • Weighs 29lbs and seems to be getting taller by the minute! I know I could measure him at home but I keep putting it off, we don't go to the doctor for a well check until his 2nd birthday.
  • Has all 4 1 year molars (late teether) and waiting on 1 more upper canine. It is so cute to see his mouth full of teeth, he looks really grown up.
  • Talking up a storm but that isn't really new. He now talks in 4-5 word sentences. Just this week he said "Baby eat mama boob" while I was nursing and I just laughed and laughed. Yes buddy. I now tell him it's mama's milk, not boob. Anytime he hears a new word he will repeat and we really have to watch what we say around him (I never curse but now I am careful not to say suck, crap, or D bag haha).
  • Just this week he can jump on 2 feet and get actual air, big milestone over here ha!
  • We enrolled Ford in Sportball a few months ago and he loves it! It is a parent child class and each week they do a different sport, so far he's liked soccer and football the best. He now loves to ask Jon to "race" him around the house. He is going to be quite the athlete (and his coach agrees!). 
  • He really loves to read lately... on his own and with me and Jon. He has about 5 books he rotates through. I haven't been able to put him to sleep since I had Lucy (can't lift him up) so I miss our night time snuggles and books! I am trying to remember to spend time with him reading during the day, he loves showing Lucy his books.
  • New favorite toy is his WEDGiTS blocks. I HIGHLY recommend them to toddler mamas! There is no wrong way to stack them and he doesn't get frustrated because they always click together. They keep him entertained for long periods of time which I am very thankful for.
  • Such a whiz on the iPad. We bought the Tiny Hands upgrade and he is awesome at stacking, matching, sorting, etc. 
  • Loves to play in papa's truck or daddy's car... just pressing buttons, steering, honking. He is totally Jon's son. He got to go to the Touch a Truck event last weekend and played in a fire truck, police hummer, and race car. So cool!
  • Has been really into puzzles the past few weeks and starting to recognize certain letters thanks to his Melissa & Doug alphabet puzzle.
  • He counts everything! He can count to 6 on his own and is constantly counting steps, pieces of food, toys, rocks. His voice couldn't be cuter.
  • I couldn't love him any more! He is such a joy in our lives, it is hard to believe he has been making us smile for 21 months!


Evelina said...

Glad to hear the transition is going well! You're right. You can never really know what to expect!

Carolyn said...

It's so crazy how grown up our boys are getting! It's so sweet to hear how great of a big brother he is! Lucy is one lucky little girl. :)

Sarah said...

that boy is seriously SMART! love him!

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