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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ford 22 months

As I type this I am realizing just HOW close to 2 years old we are. Part of me is sad because the baby stage is officially coming to an end but I could not love this stage anymore. Ford is such a joy giver. Happy, hilarious, smart, adorable. I can't believe we've had almost 2 whole years with our little man, not a day goes by that Jon and I don't talk about how awesome and loveable he is. "Otay mama" is one of his latest sayings when we ask him to do something. I mean he couldn't get any sweeter!

  • Weighs 30lbs, will go to the doctor for a well check in 2 months and we'll get his height.
  • Bedtime at 7:30p and sleeps til 7/7:30a. Naps for 2 hours around 1pm.
  • Ford is potty training! After spending a week with cousin Embry who is potty trained, he was all about it. They say to follow their lead and we did and he is doing great! He wears undies at home and Pull ups when we are out in public and rarely has accidents. I am trying not to be grossed out by how many public bathrooms he's had his hands on the past 2 weeks but I am SO proud of him! He still wears a regular diaper at nap and nighttime diaper at night and wakes up very stressed out because it is full. I wrote more in depth about our approach to potty training here.
  • Right after my last month update Ford was going through a huge mealtime struggle. Crying through meals and not wanting to eat. Not sure what was up but I am really glad we got past that!
  • He is SO in love with his baby sister and calls her "Baby Girl". He loves kissing her, cuddling her, getting her paci, giving her toys. He is such a sweet soul and very helpful with her.
  • Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (ugh). We went to the Disney Store at the mall and he was in heaven. He knows all the characters and it pretty much was like Disney World for him. 
  • I don't think there is anything Ford doesn't say. He speaks in full sentences and speaks very clearly (for a toddler). One of my favorite things he says/does is when I am nursing Lucy he claps and cheers "Yay baby girl eat mama's milk!". He says stuff and Jon and I are like where the heck did he learn that?! He is very smart and picks up words/phrases very easily. He answers questions very well... "Who did XYZ?" "Mama did!". 
  • Very polite and says please and thank you
  • Loves to hide and "surprise" us. It is very cute and he has the best giggle
  • He does this laugh that we've coined the "machine gun" laugh, I need to get it on camera but it is hilarious and I can't recreate it. 
  • He can jump on two feet and get air now! He is very proud of that.
  • He learned out to shut his eyes and thinks he's so cool when he does that. Weirdo. 
  • He finished his first season of Sportball this year and he did great! His coach always tells us how athletic Ford is and how he will probably be a great athlete. There are no summer sessions for his age so we may start back up in the fall or spring. 
  • First swim of the season last week and loved it! I should explain, he loved splashing around in the shallow end of the pool, filling buckets, and having me hold him in the deep area but he didn't want me to let him go. I have Puddle Jumpers for him but they seem too big and make him go on his back. This summer is going to be so fun taking him to the pool!
  • Loves our little splash pad and baby pool in the backyard. 
  • He recognizes all of our neighbors and their names, this baffles me!
  • He loves to count things
  • Ford loves reading books (and chooses the same few books every night haha) and can finish the sentences in the books now
  • Started a summer Mother's Day Out program at a local church nearby this week. It is just on Tuesdays and he had so much fun! He told them when he had to potty too! He will start preschool twice a week in the fall.
  • Still obsessed with his Mimi and lately his Papa too. My dad came over Monday night for dinner and bathed and put Ford to bed and in the morning Ford woke up and said "Yay Papa downstairs with baby!". I was sad to tell him that Papa had to go home the night before.
  • LOVES cars and trucks, big and small. He is so good at pretend play.


Carolyn said...

Our boys are so close to 2!! CRAZY!!! Good job Ford on being potty trained!! Weston is super curious about the toilet, and loves telling mom each "step" when I go, but I set him on the toilet once and he was TERRIFIED! I'm in no hurry - he can tell me when he's ready. :) But it will be amazing when it happens!!!

Evelina said...

He is growing so fast!! I love how he put the hat on Lucy in that video!! hahaha

Unknown said...

I cannot believe he is almost two either !! It seems like yesterday he was on his way and now he is almost two and little Lucy has arrived !! He is a cutie for sure and that is a wonderful age. I miss having a grandchild that age, let alone one of our kids, lol. Our youngest grandchild will be five this year !! So many special moments ahead for you guys with those precious babies !! It is so fun watching your family grow !!

Unknown said...

We weren't having much luck with our puddle jumper, it didn't fit our daughters arms right, so we got the off brand from Walmart that has detachable arm floats & we just take those off & use the old school cheapie blow up arm floaties with the chest piece of the puddle jumper thing & it works so well for her & she can actually kind of control of she's on her front or back. :)

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