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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lucy 2 months

Our little chick turned 2 months old on Saturday and it's hard to imagine our life without her! She smiles at the drop of the hat and wants to talk SO bad! Ford is smitten with her (and she with him), I can't imagine a better bond between my babies. The past 9 weeks have flown by and I find myself wanting THIS time right now to stay still. Life is good and here is our baby girl's 2 month update.

Little Miss scratched herself and it bled the morning we took her pictures. It was a mix of a very active baby and a mama who forgot to cut her nails.

  • We had her 2 month well check yesterday and girly pie was showing off! Smiling and cooing and giggling for the doctor. Even holding her head up during tummy time. She got her 2 month vaccinations and screamed while they happened but calmed right when I scooped her up. Shots are much harder on mama but SO worth it!
  • Weight 11lb 7oz (53rd %)
  • Height 23.5 in (88th %)
  • Head circumference 40.5cm (96th %)
  • Wears 0-3 month and 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. 
  • She lost a little of hair up front but its coming back. The rest is dark and thick, I can't wait for it to grow! She has pretty big blue eyes and pretty much every time we look at her, Jon and I say she is the most beautiful baby girl we've ever seen. We may be biased but she is gorgeous!
  • Like I said above, she is a smile machine. She is so easy to make smile and has the sweetest, gummiest, smile and even blushes. She acts like she wants to talk so bad, I know she'll be babbling before we know it! She also almost-laughs. I think she is ticklish (like me) and when I tickle her she let's out a grunty laugh.
  • Her nicknames are baby girl, little girl, peanut lady, Chiquita girl, turtle lady (yes we call our kids weird things)
  • Biggest news of the month is that she is officially sleeping upstairs in her room! Week 7 was tough, she would wake up to nurse and want to stay up for an hour and get pissed if I put her in her bassinet. She never liked to be swaddled so sleeps in a Halo sleepsack (free arms, just like Ford is in) and my mom suggested she may hate how closed in the bassinet is. My goal had been to move her by 8 weeks and we did a few days before and it is going great! She loves having her own space to bop around in her crib and sleeps like a champ. She only gets up once in the night to eat so I'm not running up and down the stairs. Our room is baby free, yay (with the exception of 2 baby monitors haha).
  • We've been trying to follow the Moms on Call schedule and she goes to bed around 8:30, sleeps 7-8 hours, nurse for 5-10 minutes, then sleeps 3 more. Last week in NOLA she was sleeping through until 5am, would nurse, and go right back to bed. This is a happy mama! She sleeps in cotton sleeper and cotton sleepsack. Yay for no transition out of the swaddle.
  • Also big news, I have stopped pumping! Lucy is EBF and was taking a 4oz bottle of breastmilk in the evenings but pumping was getting too hard with Ford and then Jon traveling, etc. I slowly weaned off pumping and started her on Similac for Supplementation for her bottle. She did NOT like it mixed with BM so we went straight to the formula. She is a bottle champ, unlike brother. 
  • Lucy nurses every 3 hours during the day and longer stretches at night. She is very quick and usually nurses on one side which is new for me. Ford would nurse anytime I let him for however long I let him and Lucy doesn't want anything to do with nursing unless shes's hungry. It's kind of nice not having a baby attached to your boob cluster feeding every night. 
  • This may be TMI but I want to record for my own sake but we had sex exactly 8 weeks postpartum. I wrote an article for MOMquery a couple of months ago about postpartum sex and this time was way better, phew. My doctor prescribed me Estrace and I highly recommend it for breastfeeding moms. I am also on the mini pill... no Irish twins for us please.
  • Another first this month, I did my first real workout in about 6 months. I had really bad sciatica with Lucy and stopped working out around 28 weeks so I was expecting to be quite sluggish. I did a Tone it Up Girls HIIT workout and it kicked my butt. I was sore for days but I am excited to get back into working out and plan on doing short, at home workouts when I can fit them in.
  • Lucy took her first plane ride at 8 weeks old (6/23/15) and spent a few days in New Orleans. She walked Bourbon Street and got kicked out of a bar, woot! You can read about our trip here
  • Lucy got in the pool a few times this month and was really relaxed. She also loves her baths so I think she will be a water baby. 
  • Ford and Lucy now bathe together in our big garden tub and we are using the Angel Care bath seat which is a life saver if you have two little ones. Ford is ADORABLE with her and washes her and entertains her. She is all smiles. 
  • She hates the hiccups
  • She loves her Wubbanub and is getting better at keeping it in on her own. We try not to use it a lot, mostly in the evenings when she is kind of fussy. It is so nice because it gives her something to do but we aren't using it to sleep so she doesn't get attached.
  • She has been SO active the last few days, kicking and moving her arms non stop. She loves her playmat and has started batting at the toys under there and in her carseat. 
  • She had a horrible bout of baby acne and it is finally clearing up. We tried everything to get rid of it (coconut oil, breastmilk, Aquaphor) and it just takes time. She still is so beautiful!


Gina said...

She is Fords twin!! They are both beautiful and their bond will only grow stronger.

Bridget said...

She is so beautiful and I think she looks so much like Ford. What is Estrace?

Katie said...

Soooooo adorbs! love her!

Unknown said...

She is so pretty !! Your kids are both so cute !! They do look a lot alike !!! A wonderful time of life when they are small !!! So fun seeing them learn about the world !!

Carolyn said...

OMG! She is totally Ford's mini me! What a precious little girl!! :) Can't believe it's already been two months! SO FAST!!

Anonymous said...

That Tone It Up HIIT is crazy, right?! I love how I feel the next day, though.

She looks just like Ford! Cuties!

Evelina said...

She looks so much like her adorable big brother! Congrats on a baby free room! We also have our master downstairs and I always wonder if it'll be ok once we have kids.

Unknown said...

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