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Friday, June 19, 2015

Rainy days

The weather in Texas has been crazy lately. We suffered devastating floods on Memorial Day and now a tropical storm has dumped more rain on us this week. The mornings can be beautiful and sunny and by afternoon the skies are dark and scary. This makes it hard to plan outings with Ford, not knowing if a trip to the pool will leave us rain soaked. A few nights ago my mom came over to watch the babies so Jon and I could go out on a date (woo hoo!) and while we waited on Jon to finish up work, my mom, the babies, and I sat out on the deck while Ford splashed around in the puddles of rain. We have an inflatable pool this summer and it's filled up more times with rain than we've filled it up on our own. Ford is a funny little guy. He hates getting dirty but at times will surprise me (like last weekend coming inside from community group and he was giggling and soaking wet from playing in the rain). He is so proud of his new Rany Zany, "dino boots", and couldn't wait to get outside and march in them. Ford is seriously so funny just to watch. He was stressed about a little bug floating in the pool and Mimi had to rescue it for him. He ended up soaked so we stripped him down and he had the time of his life! As risk averse as he is, he thought Ernie climbing into the pool and drinking was hilarious so he got down on his knees to do the same! Gross, yes. But I'm learning to let him be little!

Rany Zany is a husband and wife run company out of Charlotte, NC that makes adorable and stylish rain boots and umbrellas for kiddos. They are made of natural rubber and are completely slip resistant (great for an excited toddler!). They are super soft inside, lined with natural cotton, and have a removable cushioned insert so I don't need to put him in socks. Shop for a pair of cute as can be Rany Zany boots for your littles!

1 comment:

Evelina said...

Hahaha I love that he is copying Ernie!!

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