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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My hard workin' hubby

Today I am giving my hubby some major props!! I am so proud of him because last week he accepted a position at a new company! He is very excited and ready to get down to business when he starts this coming Monday. I am so lucky to be married to such a smart, motivated and intelligent man who not only provides for our family financially but is the perfect mate! Friday night we went out to Eddie V's to was FABULOUS! Unforunateuly I didn't get a picture of us together (we had to stick to iPhone pics because my mom was borrowing my camera on vacation) but I did have him take one of me with my giant crab and shrimp salad.

Okay this post is also about us dominating some serious food. Check out some (crappy) pics of the delicious food we ate to celebrate!

To start we enjoyed kung-pao calamari which I wasn't to excited about before trying it. Let me tell you, the ginger soy sauce was rockin.

We also had a cup of crab corn chowder that melted in my mouth. I want to google the recipe because it was the most delicious soup I've ever tasted!

For his main dish, Jon had a 12 ounce filet and when he shared some bites, I literally closed my eyes it was so good!! I had an awesome crap and shrimp salad with blue cheese and garlic remoulade but I barely ate any because of these two sides that we devoured. 

Truffled mac and cheese and brabant potatoes....yum.

Would you believe that we were too stuffed to have dessert?? I could barely walk out of the restaurant so we skipped dessert but went to Truluck's the next night for Jon's favorite dessert in the entire world....a chocolate bag!

It is a bag made out of chocolate filled with berries, almond pound cake and whipped cream drizzled in chocolate sauce. I didn't get a picture of it standing up right but it looked like a brown paper lunch sack. We ate every single decadent bite! We sat at the bar and enjoyed live music while chatting with the fun bartender. I mentioned I loved carrot cake and 5 minutes later he brought us 2 cupcakes, a chocolate on chocolate and a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! I took a bite of each and we packed the rest in a doggie bag. Let's just say that bartender got a great review on Yelp!

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics!


Hall Around Texas said...

Love your blog! New follower!!

makana hansen said...

oh my stars! I am so salivating! Always enjoy your posts

visiting from ETC.

Marie said...

YUM. I want to lick my screen. (I'm new to your blog. Weirdest first comment ever?)

Amy H. said...

Darn you and your yummy food, now my tummy is doing flips. Thanks for linking up with me in place of Em yesterday and keep praying for our friend.


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