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Friday, July 8, 2011

My 2nd wedding shower

I feel so blessed to be so close to my mama's friends and was beyond excited when they wanted to throw me a wedding shower. Many of these ladies I have known for 15 years and I consider them family. The invitations were beautiful and handmade, I knew the shower would be amazing when I got my invite in the mail! Our wedding invites were off white with orange birds and lanterns so the ladies ran with that theme. The shower took place at one of the hostesses homes who actually lives next door to my parents. Here is a far away shot of the front door with the invite. 

The shower was on Friday January 7th, 2011 at 7pm for desserts and drinks. I loved the night shower atmosphere. I remember thinking the whole time, wow I am getting married in 4 weeks! So surreal. Here is my mom and sisters (Cori left, Tomi right) before the shower. And yep that twin to my right is my mom!

Here comes the bride!

The gorgeous set up. They let me keep the orange lanterns and centerpiece which I have in our bedroom.  I know it's small but on the bottom of the right picture is our save-the-date card. 

The lovely hostesses, my mama and me.

We played tons of fun games!! The first was a series of questions about mine and Jon's relationship. I wrote each answer on a single sheet of paper and was told not to show anyone. When I was done answering, they brought out a MacBook and Skyped Jon who was at home and had answered all the same questions. It was hilarious!

The next game I put on an apron adorned with different kitchen gadgets and housewares and walked around the party for about 2 minutes and left the room. The group had to try to remember what was on the apron and whoever remembered the most won! Since I am so close to all of the hostesses (aka "The Bunco Babes") there is no questioning that they will be in my life forever. The next game, one of the hostesses asked me a "What will you be doing in 5 years" set of many kiddos, where we will live, whether I will be in sweats or lingerie, etc....and they are saving it to show me in 5 years eek! It was such a great idea!

I am completely obsessed with Pyrex as you can see from the excitement on my face. We try not to microwave plastic so 95% of our tupperware is Pyrex. It also rocks to cook in in lieu of tin bakeware. 

I absolutely love our bedding and this was the first piece I received from my G-ma.

Me and my sisters with our rehearsal bouquets made from the bows on the gifts. We actually ended up combining them into 1 but I was ripping those babies left and right. If you are unfamiliar, each bow you break while opening wedding gifts at a shower represents a child you will have. No I am not the next Michelle Duggar but we would love as many as God will give us.

Check out the swag. 

How adorable is this Mrs. Hart hanger one of my bridesmaids got me? My photographer took pictures of my dress on the hanger on our wedding day which you can see here

I can't say it enough but being surrounded by so many great friends along with my wonderful family made the wedding experience SO much better. The 'babes' not only threw me this beautiful shower but helped out on our wedding day with different tasks, they are amazing! xoxo

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Unknown said...

showerrs = good.stuff! :) happy for you! xo

Jessica said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Jenna's blog. I'm obsessed with weddings and wedding showers so you can be sure I'll be reading all of your posts. Ha ha.


CaseyWiegand said...

ur soooooooooo pretty friend!

Kristen Thornburg said...

Aww... looks like so much fun!!
I got your email... gonna email you back when I have time to spend more than 2 second on it. ha!
busy busy busy this weekend! ee!

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