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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Randoms

Lot's of randoms have been building up so here is another list of The Musings of Ruthie Hart
  • I leave on Sunday for a week long tradeshow in Santa Clara for work. I've planned it for the most part from start to finish so I am pretty excited. I am guessing I will have no time (or access) to blogging so I have a few special posts in the works for you :-). I am apologizing in advance for not commenting on blogs next week. This is the longest I've ever been away from my hubby and Ernie...yes I am sad.
  • Last week when Jon and I were driving home from a football game, we started talking about Poltergeist and he told me that the actress died during filming. I went to google more about the story and couldn't help but to laugh at the recent searches on my iphone.
  •  Notes about my searches. Fundamentalist Mormons- googled while watching Sisterwives. Covenant marriage- after reading Jenna's post, was hoping it was offered in Texas. Chocolate drumstick- telling Jon about ice cream day back in elementary school, still can't figure out the name of my favorite treat. Goucher college- we were behind someone who had a decal of Texas A&M and Goucher College on their car. We didn't know what Goucher was. Other searches are self explanatory (yet weird too).
  • I found this carrot in my bag of 'baby carrots' last week. I wanted to compare it to my iphone because it was just as big but then I couldn't take a pic. This is my checkbook.
  • Yogurtland has pumpkin pie yogurt! It was good...but nothing beats their Ghiradelli chocolate froyo.
  •  Our friends brought 3 40's over to our house 2 weeks ago. After polishing them off, Ross suggested I do some sort of sand art with the bottles and post em on the blog. I don't know about yall but I LOVED doing Rose Art Sand Art growing up. 
  • Austin has a great Christian radio station. It is a preset in my car, right next to the rap station :-). Monday I was driving home from work and Spirit was playing ONLY Christmas music (and it was 81 degrees). I don't allow myself Christmas music until after Thanksgiving
  • I downloaded a Photoshop app on my iPhone. It is pretty darn cool. Mustaches look cooler in the 70s (or photoshopped 70s)
  •  We love Family Guy. Even though this had nothing to do with the episode, I had to take a picture
  •  Have you done the IOS iPhone update?? FYI it takes forever and I lost some apps but there are some cool things to it. The best is iMessage. I can now "text" people who don't have unlimited text messaging for free. You can also access your camera while your phone is locked which is nice. 
  • I've been hanging out with some girls from bible study and it has been so great. I have been praying for this and God answered. I was talking to my sister about this earlier in the week. Being a Christian is more than going to church on Sundays. God wants us to be The Body and share His word in the community. I am really looking forward to building these friendships.
  • Tonight I will be conquering not 1 but 3 new Pinterest recipes. 1 for dinner tonight and 2 (appetizer and dessert) for a family get together tomorrow. I challenge you to actually make one of your Pinterest recipes this weekend. Do it!
  • Our church does a communion worship service once a month on Wednesday evenings. In October, the service was held in the Austin City Limits (ACL) building downtown and we took mobile communion...

  • Ernie's 1st birthday is on November 19th. We are having a small party the night before with our family (just an excuse to all get together). Even though it is just our family, I wanted to make a silly evite. I also found a dog friendly cake to make him.
  • Remember that adorable baby Ernie was playing with last week? He is going to be a big brother!! One of my best friends Mary is pregnant! Here is how they made it "Facebook official". yesterday God he is cute!
  • Speaking of babies, I love that new Christina Applegate show Up All Night. You don't really have to watch previous episodes to understand, it is so funny!
  • I want to leave you all with some videos I've made with still photos of my brothers football games. He is one heck of a quarterback, safety and last week- punter and kicker!

So what random stuff do you have going on in your life??



Amanda Reed said...

About the covenant marriage - Thomas and I have friends in Louisiana (where he's from) that have a covenant marriage. The pastor explained it during their wedding, how legally they cannot divorce, how marriage is for a lifetime, and I thought it was so beautiful! I also looked into it, but Thomas told me there's no such thing in Texas. Bummer!! Truly, Thomas and I (as you and Jon have) will make an everlasting covenant to each other, but it would still be neat to have it in Texas.

Love your random musings! Have fun in Santa Clara!

Claire Beeks said...

Lovin' the Thursday Randoms! I am thinking I may do something similar today after class! Those still videos are so sweet. Those videos you posted of Leah and her hubby were so cute. Adorable 2nd baby idea, too. Classy 40's, classy 40's hehehe. XOXO.

P.S. I had a giant carrot in my bag too. So strange.

katrina adams said...

love your randomness! your iphone searches are hysterical. now i'm curious what mine look like. i'm not far from santa clara - let's grab a drink while you're in town! happy birthday to ernie. :)

Heather said...

I love iMessaging! And not just because I can tell when someone has read my text...because that would be stalkerish... ;)

Heather {A Mom Without Facebook} said...

Umm...I LOVE this random post! What is the photoshop app for the phone? was it free? :)


Amanda said...

1. How do you access the camera on iPhone while it's locked? HELP A SISTA OUT!
2. Good luck next week! Although I know you're going to rock it!
3. Can I come visit yet?

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

i love this!!!
and i love "up all night" freaking hysterical!!
i knew i loved ernie-- he was born on our wedding anniversary! gosh, love that dog! :) xoxo

jessi bridges said...

Haha. I love your random google list. I figured that the FLDS search had to be because of Sisterwives. Why do we watch that show?? We know there's is something wrong with that situation.. yet, we can't help but watch!! My husband gets mad when I watch it while he's home. He says that offends him as a man. Oh well.

Julie Keller said...

When I saw "fundamentalist mormons" onyour google list, I immediately thought of the last episode of Sister Wives! It caused my husband and I to have a conversation too.

Lindsay said...

I love that you're having a birthday party for Ernie! He's so stinking cute.

I have yet to update my iPhone... everyone that I know that's done it has lost some of their contacts at first, and I'm just really not that interested in doing it. Is it worth it? I'm guessing they'll make me update it eventually, whether I like it or not!

... said...

How exciting about your trip! I hope it is so much fun and you do not get too homesick! That carrot freaks me out a little....and I totally agree about Christmas music after Thanksgiving! I am so glad that you have found some great girls to hang out with...God fills the voids in our lives and provides us with the things we need :) So amazing! Aw Happy Birthday to Ernie!

Liz Brown said...

I've never heard of 'mobile communion'. But I laughed. Is is like fast food communion?

Krista said...

Mobile communion...what a concept!

I love "up all night" too...hilarious :) Have a great weekend Ruthie!

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