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Friday, July 27, 2012


1. Church clothes
2. I love being able to wear shorts to work! Especially in the Texas heat
3. More Sunday's best...Jon loved my "jest" (jean vest)
4. $5 shoes from Target! Had to get 2

 1. I am an official blogger me a bubble necklace
2. Loving my new stache necklace from Brittany

 1. Mr. Independent
2. Snaggletooth wanted to go to the dentist with us
3. "Come on dad, I am too old for this!"

 1. A face off for his "b"
2. Mornings at the Hart house
3. Ernie is excited for the bachelorette party this weekend (so excited his teeth got stuck)

 1. I should have been a teacher...laminated this sign for our recycle bin
2. Our housewarming gift from my grandparents
3. The guestroom is finished!

 1. Jon in my 82 year old grandpa's corvette
2. My new laptop!! It is the Macbook Air of PCs baby
3. We love checking each other for lice so Jon bought these online haha

1. Total blog him!
2. Dessert shots at PF Changs
3. Yes he subscribes to Paddle Palace magazine
4. I love being married to an engineer...comes in handy at Home Depot!

And some randoms for ya...
  • This weekend I am hosting a bachelorette party at our house for a wedding we are both in in October! In Mexico :-). I couldn't be more excited
  • We've had a lot of slow walkers and drive bys since House Hunters aired and I had the first person recognize me (and Ernie!)
  • Jon's dad passed away 3 years ago and we are having his car shipped down here full of his belongings. I never got to meet him so I am excited to get to know him through pictures and momentos. It will arrive Tuesday. I will definitely be sharing more about this later, the mustang is a project car for Jon.
  • I've been sleep walking a lot lately...and talking of course but that's not new
  • Jon's latest nickname for me is shillelagh (sha-lay-lee) which is an Irish walking stick. I have no clue where he comes up with this stuff?! It's been shillelagh butt and smoochles
  • Thank you for all the Facebook friend requests but I do keep my personal page for my friends "in real life" I hope yall understand! :)
  • Yesterday afternoon my team had an offsite team building event at the lake. One coworker has a boat lease and we cruised Lake Austin, floated in the water and ate at Abel's on the Lake. Stuff like this keeps me sane. I love my city!

& leaving you with a pretty favorite part of our house



Erin said...

I just love Ernie! I would totally be a slow-walker by your house to meet you both ;)

You check each other for lice?! What?? So confused here !!

And I can only hope my next bestie gets married in Mexico- how FUN would that be to be a part of! Lucky you :)

Alyssa said...

Shorts to work?! I'm so jealous!!! This Memphis humidity is killing me at work hah andddd I have to walk several blocks to the car everyday. Oh well.

I can't wait to hear all about Jon's Dad and the things you learn about him - that is so special.

LOVE that picture of the pennybacker bridge (I think it's something like that, right? hah) and I love that I've seen it in real life! I mean, pictures really don't do that area justice - it's gorgeous.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad that Jon is getting his dad's car!!! That makes my heart so happy for you guys :)

Kenj said...

I love your pup.. like beyond adorable.. French bulldog? I have a frenchie and I love taking pictures of her. I'm glad youre enjoying your house..even if people be creepin!

Leilani said...

Lol. I love the official blogger comment because you have a bubble necklace. Seems like everyone has one.

And what? We can't be Facebook friends? I'm totally hurt. I kid. :)

Have a great weekend!

Carolyn said...

The Ernie pics are always my favorite. He's so stinking cute!! :)

Because Shanna Said So said...

WOW!! You have been a busy lady! Yay for getting recognized! Next will be autographs!! ;) Love it! And I guess I am still not an official blogger because I have yet to get a bubble necklace! Maybe it's time! Have a great weekend, Ruthie!

Sienna said...

i love that framed picture, and your new shoes!

Sienna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allison said...

JEST! Love it! And yes, WHY are you checking each other for lice???

Anonymous said...

You are so famous, getting recognized and all! Have a great weekend friend.

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

you killed me with your comment about the "baubble" necklace and being a true blogger hahaha you crack me up!

Oh and I have been having problems with my google account, but it let me follow your blog via twitter through your GFC, who knew you could even do that?!

Allison said...

Love that little Ernie!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your new gallery wall!!!

Amanda C. said...

How does it feel to be famous?!
p.s. The paddle palace picture made me laugh out loud.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

If I did all the things you did I think i would have to rest for 4 days.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so cool that y'all are getting Jon's dad's mustang! And can I say you have the best hair ever? It's so beautiful!

choose to be happy blog said...

oh the blogger necklace. uhhhh i need to get one! i hate missing out on newest obsessions :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet is Ernie's "dad I am too old for this" face!?! He looks like his friends just saw his mom kiss him when dropping him off at school. So cute!!

Robyn said...

is that a table tennis magazine??that is so frigging random-love it!

Robyn said...

is that a table tennis magazine??that is so frigging random-love it!

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