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Friday, September 14, 2012

Good things

Life has been good lately...full of activities (remember I removed the word busy from my vocab), but good. We had a weekend in Austin, FINALLY, and got to be lazy. Jon has been traveling, we have been making some fun updates to the house and most importantly, I have been relaxing. It got to the point where when Jon was traveling, I would try to pack in every single chore and task I had, so that when he got home, we could just hang out. Dishes, laundry, yard, errands. Too much. So this week I had a me night and it was wonderful!! I watched Teen Mom, had my quiet time with the bible, walked with Ernie, dyed my hair, took a long shower, watched Netflix and nothing else. No chores, no crafts, no emails. More nights like this are necessary. 

So what else has been going on with us? We are in Dallas right now, I came up last night because Jon was here for work, and will be spending time with my sisters and BIL and going to a couples shower tomorrow! We had a fun date night last night and I am working from our hotel (the Aloft's great!) while Jon is at meetings. Also...I am so giddy excited to finally get to see Matt Chandler preach at The Village on Sunday. He has celebrity status in my mind :-)

Mr. Ernie is having a guys weekend with his grandpa and uncle

I want to send this photo to's so darn cute!

A #latergram from Labor Day Weekend on the boat

He looks so big in this photo! I think he is small but his head is massive which creates an illusion

Last weekend I decorated for Halloween! You may think I am crazy but I want a full two months of decor before it goes back in the attic. I made these letters last year and can't wait to show you some of the other decor I have

At any time, our DVR has at least 1 Mecum Auto Auction recorded...and call me crazy but I like watching them with Jon. His dreams came true last week and he went to the Dallas Auction. He even got to shake Dana Mecum's hand AND made it on TV...see those crossed arms and giant calves?? Jonny Hart!

Did I tell y'all our House Hunters episode came in? I watched it for the first time SINCE the night of and it was so funny/interesting. I was so excited and anxious that night that it feels like a blur. I hope it re runs soon (let me know if you see it!)

How cute is my adorable new coffee cozy from the sweet and thoughtful Christa!! Bloggy friends= awesome friends! And of course Ernie thinks everything is his

I mentioned above that I dyed my hair this week. I usually do it once or twice a year, mostly after the summer. The sun makes my hair really red/auburn and I was ready for it to be dark again. Jon has also been finding LOTS of grays on me...I am too young for that! I'll try to get a good pic this weekend

Reunited with this guy (I call him munchie in case you were wondering haha)

 Random Questions...

1. Can anyone give me recommendations for a great drug store mascara? I like changing every so often and looking for a new one.

2. What's a good show I can start on Netflix by myself? Jon and I just started watching Breaking Bad and we watch 30 Rock on Netfix too. I just finished Better Off Ted and want a funny show I can watch when he is gone. 

Have a great weekend!


jessica dukes said...

i like to watch 24 when my husband is gone. becaue there are tons of episodes! and i have been thinking lately i need to watch gossip girl on netflix i know nothing about the show, but sounds like something non husband approved.

:-) and i love rimmel mascara. any one of theirs works good and it is CHEAP!

loved your pup pictures, we just got a pup and i feel like i might go overboard with the pictures soon. :-)

her name is peggy. peggy the poodle. haha

happy weekend ruthie.

Amanda said...

I did my first full box hair dye two weeks ago, to a lighter golden brown, which looks no different than my actual hair color, unfortunately it didn't cover the grays as much as I had hoped, but it's definitely a lot better :-) happy weekend! Glad you got in some quality me time!

Mel said...

Ruthie - my hubby and I just stayed at Aloft in Toronto and it was such a funky, fun hotel! I loved it!!!!!

Also, is there any way that you can put your episode up on your website, or You Tube (Or is there copywright laws). I want to see the repeat of it!

Finally, you need to start watching Dexter. Trust me, you will not regret this. I just started watching Breaking Bad as well - it's my new treadmill show! Makes the time go by quickly! But if you begin watching Dexter, you will fall in love (with a serial killer). crazy but true!!

Amy in Austin said...

We just finished the first 3 seasons of Damages on Netflix. Glenn Close plays a nasty attorney, and the suspense/twist/turns of the show made it so hard to not "just watch another episode". It's a really great show!!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

I swear, Ernie is the CUTEST thing (besides my Lola of course...ha!) I seriously love the pictures of him, he's such a photogenic little guy!

And it sounds like life has been going well for you lately which is great! I feel like I'm in this new season where I'm really trying to be more aware of my time because a lot of times I feel like a chicken with my head cut off and I feel like I'm always super busy with work, the house is always messy, and we never have any time. I'm starting to realize that's really no one's fault but my own because we CHOOSE how we want to spend our time. If I'm not getting work done because I'm blogging/on FB/Pinterest during the day, then it's my own fault that I'm stressed that work isn't done. Being busy is not this mysterious stressor, it comes as a result of making unimportant things a priority...or so I'm learning :)

Also, I love L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Blackest really thickens your lashes while also fav! Have a great weekend Ruthie! xo

Anonymous said...

My go-to mascara is Maybelline Great Lash- it's like $3 in the pink bottle! It lasts a long time and when it gets a little dried out I just add a couple of drops of contact solution.

That Ernie picture!! Aaah so cute!

I love hearing Matt Chandler preach. He was the camp speaker the very first time I went to church camp in 8th grade and ever since then, when I have a question about something I check his podcasts/articles.

KRISTIN said...

So glad you got some legit YOU important! And I should really try to remove "busy" from my vocab, but I have a feeling I would fail miserably.

Jillian said...

Have you watched Friday Night Lights? And Prison Break was good! I also started pretty little liars and glee but if u already watch those then never mind:)

Meredith said...

I've been dying to see your House Hunters episode! I've been searching but can't find it! Have fun in DFW this weekend :)

Ashley said...

I am still waiting for your show to air here in Canada!!!

Love all the pics and I am glad you have had some much deserved me time!!

Have a great weekend!!

Christina L. said...

Maybelline Falsies is GREAT! I have stubs for eyelashes, and it makes them look so much longer.

Anonymous said...

I use CoverGirl lash blast volume waterproof mascara (orange tube) and CoverGirl lash blast 24hour (black tube). Love both of them. For really dramatic eyes (without falsies), I layer them... orange tube on the bottom, black tube on the top.

Good luck with your search!

Kaity said...

as far as funny shows go, I recommend Frasier - I don't know if you watched it at all back when it originally aired, but just something to think about! I think it's hilarious, but it's like smart comedy, so you can feel better about watching it because you still get to use your brain cells!

Claire Beeks said...

Cute post :-) Isn't it nice to just relax some nights without any distractions? Scott and I did this last night (as much as possible) and just got to giggle, be cuddly and relax...which is something that rarely happens without,love,love it! I use Loreal Volumious mascara in jet black. It's the BEST girl. It always makes my lashes look good. I've wanted to get eyelash tinting forever (I have really long lashes but they are not dark), so maybe I'll try that in the near future.

As far as Netflix goes...we watch lots of documentaries, and have been re-watching The Office. I don't have any good recommendations on that end, really!

Clancy said...

I love, love Loreal collagen mascara! (i think thats what it's called) it's in a fat, black, glossy tube that just says loreal. it gives fullness and volume like no body's business ;)
I also love Parks and Rec. some don't, but it takes some getting to know the charachters to really like it ( i think!)

Samantha said...

Maybeline Great Lash (you know... the one in the hot pink and green tube). My mom has used it her entire life and now so do I. I promise you will love it!

Unknown said...

I want an Ernie!and I don't even like small dogs.

There is this green (the tube is green) mascara by Maybelle that I really like. Can't remember what It's called.

Oh and I recommend watching New Girl, Monk, or the Big Bang.

Brooke Hamilton said...

I'm not sure if curb your enthusiasm is on netflix, but it is HILARIOUS!!! I def recommend it. I use a good drug store mascara too, but I don't know what it is at the moment. I'll try to remember to look when I get home.

Tracy said...

Have you seen Friday Night Lights? Loved that show!!

Unknown said...

1. I love Ernie's face so much.
I have to have one.
French bulldog, right?
Going to hit husband up soon!

2. Does it have to be drugstore?
"They're Real" at Sephora and Ulta is my absolute favorite mascara. Ever.

3. Awwww. So glad you love the gift. I'm busting out mine this weekend! I'll post a pic on Instagram.


Krista said...

It's good you recognized the need for some "you" time. It can definitely recharge you. Glad to hear you have all the good things going on. I already put up my Halloween decor too, makes it more fun for longer dont'cha think ;)

You should absolutely enter that Ernie picture on Ellen or some sort of contest because it is TOO.CUTE.

Enjoy your weekend Ruthie!

Lissy said...

So the most amazing drug store mascara is the maybelline Colossal Volume mascara! It's amazing and a few coats even make the appearance of falsies :)

Simply Splendid LOVE said...

Dallas!!! I'm so excited for you to hear (and see) Matt Chandler in person. He's started a new series, which you may already be aware of, but it's so good. I hope you have a great time in my city! Ha. How cool that they sent you a dvd of your episode. I still want to try to watch it. Y'alls house looks so cute. We are looking at a house tomorrow and I'm SO excited! It's the one I want and I'm trying to not get my hopes up in case it doesn't work out. I already consider it MY house. Haha. Probably not the best route to take. Oh well! Happy weekend!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Relaxing is in my book a priority. It seems as I get older the more I enjoy it and not worry about what needs to get done.

Anonymous said...

Ernie is so cute, geez! And Netflix recommendations - White Collar. Best. Series. Ever.

themosbysinchina said...

Love that picture of Ernie, Ruthie! You should, for sure, send it to Ellen! He's a cutie. Love that tongue sticking out. haha.
It's an old one, but have you seen Ugly Betty? One i recently watched the whole season in one sitting (yes, I have a life. ;p ) was Jane By Design, on netflix.
Are you and Jon Office fans? If so, other good ones we've found are Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Community and Arrested Development.
We love The Office. And just keep watching it over and over because we can't find a series that is as hilarious! Any suggestions?

Amanda C. said...

I never get tired of seeing pictures of Ernie. The one with the ball is great.

I love Maybelline Falsies Volume Express. It's in a purple tube. It makes my lashes look really long but they don't clump together.

Ketrin Jones said...

Ah I decorated for Halloween too. Is it too early to put my Halloween wreath up on my door? I mean it IS mid september. Surely it's cold enough here in austin?

I've been thinking of going darker for my hair lately. Yours looks GREAT! & Those pics of Ernie are adorable!!

Liz Brown said...

I just ran across something on society6 that made me think of your blog:

I think your house needs this.

Kristen said...

Have you watched Parks and Recs yet? I think it's hilarious- especially if you like The Office and/or 30 Rock.

Can you post your house hunters episode? Or are there copyright infringements that come with that?

Kristen said...

Oh, Drop Dead Diva and My Fair Wedding are also on Netflix- they're easy to get into and cute and my husband doesn't mind missing them! :)

Susanne said...

i loved your house hunters episode! that's how i found your blog. i think the best drug store mascara is loreal's voluminous--love the brush.

Katie {katie lately} said...

1. Loreal voluminous. I just found it this year through my sister and I kid you not Ruthie, I've never found a better mascara!

2. have you seen How I Met Your Mother? It's a mindless sitcom, but super funny. and they tease one of the guys for being a blogger which always makes me giggle :)

sorry I'm way behind on my commenting, lol!

Katie {katie lately} said...

oh if you want more of a series, I second the person who suggested White Collar. It's like stupid its so good - if that even makes sense?! lol!

Leilani said...

The pictures you post of Ernie kill me. He is adorable.

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