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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hi on Monday

Today I am bundling up and happy as a clam because it is finally cold in Austin! It's laughable because yesterday was 80 and today is 40. Love this bipolar weather. Anyway, I covet your prayers today for my mama who is getting her precious little bunions removed. Yep double bunny of the worst surgeries there is. Ouch. She stays the night tonight and is home will be a long recovery but worth it for her. 

Now that we've talked about my mom's feet, I'll fill you in on what's been going on in the Hart household. We are in full on Christmas mode. Christmas music, lights, all our gifts wrapped and under the tree. This weekend we put the finishing touches on decor (which I hope to photograph and show you soon), bought gifts for our sponsor children, and purchased the most awesome Christmas worship album here (you should too). We went to a smore party, a Christmakkuh party, and had a great night out with new friends. Weekends are just a little bit more fun around the Christmas holiday and I'm excited we have two more.

This is the first year to use our Christmas Kissing Ball/Mistletoe. My mom gave it to us last Christmas and I have been looking forward to putting it up (she and my sister both have one). It is from Hallmark and although I couldn't find it on their website, here is one similar. 

I posted our Christmas memories book on Instagram and lots of you asked about it. My parents have had one since they had children and my sister got it for us the Christmas before we got married. It's super cute and has areas to write about your Christmas eve, Christmas day, visitors, gifts, food, and even pictures. I love looking at my parents from when we were young. My sister ordered it from this website. 

Brunch on Saturday with Jenni and Mallorie to say goodbye to Mal before she moves tomorrow, *tear*. Love these little brunettes.

We finally got our gameroom painted and I finally collected all 26 letters of the alphabet for my ABC wall! People were funny when I posted this picture. No it isn't in a nursery. Can't I prepare for future Hart offspring to be super smart? People, people, so nosy! I have been wanting to do this since I saw it on Pinterest over a year ago and have been collecting letters since then. And my favorite part is the H because it is huge! H for Hart. 

We totally surprised ourselves by staying out til 3am on Saturday at an annual Christmakkuh party. We are party animals, yall. Haha. Funny because I was crawling into bed at 330am I realized the night before I took Ernie out at 3:30a and had been asleep for about 5 hours already. We definitely felt it Sunday but was totally worth it!

Other things around the blog lately...

Firmoo sent me a free pair of prescription sunnies and they are offering a free pair to anyone. Check out the post here

I reviewed the Missiko Hana Hair Dryer last week, check it out here

Thanks for your humble comments on this post about marriage. 

I posted last week about what it is like to own a French bulldog (actually it was a repost of a guest post I did for a doggie series). I got a few emails that kindly disagreed with us buying Ernie from a breeder. I just wanted to share with all of my readers that Jon and I tried for almost a year to rescue a dog from the French Bulldog Rescue network and had a terrible experience. Not only was it $800 to "rescue" a dog, but the application process was ridiculous (intense interviews, home visits, etc). It was very weird (and sad because we are awesome dog parents!) and we applied for a handful of dogs and never got ones. We have both had rescue dogs in our lives and plan on rescuing in the future but I don't think it is something others need to rebuke people for. Just like rescue dogs, dogs born at a breeder need homes too (and often are treated very poorly by breeders). This isn't a jab to the emails I got, I just wanted to clear things up for anyone wondering. They were all in good nature, I just felt the need to share. Jon and I also donate to the SPCA and I recently started volunteering at Austin Pets Alive. We love dogs of all kinds...$5,000 dogs, rescue dogs, mutts, pure breds. There is nothing sweeter than an animal getting a home. 

Johnny Football wins the Heisman! We have been excited to have guys from our alma maters win the past 2 years (RG3 from Baylor and now Johnny Manziel from A&M). Gig em!

Hope y'all have a great week. Come back tomorrow for the December group giveaway!


Meg O. said...

I love the idea of the letters for a game room!

Margaret Birch said...

Hope your mama's surgery goes well. We got some of the cold front too (in Oklahoma). I neeeddd one of those christmas memory books - what a neat tradition! Xo

GingerPeachT said...

I hope your mom's surgery goes well!
What a cute idea to have that memory book. I may look into that for the future.
Wow, party animals for sure! I don't even remember staying up that late but it would probably be back in college. Lol
What do you do at a christmakah party? Mixture of Jewish and Christian traditions?
I thought your Frenchie post was helpful! I've never had a dog before, but Tim and I are going to get one this new year! I've had people say that we should get a rescue dog, but I know they can have some issues, and I wouldn't be able to handle that for my first dog lol so we are going to a breeder. More power to those who can get rescue dogs and take care of them, but that's just not me.
Have a great day! :-)

It's Sooo Fluffy said...

I hope your mom's surgery goes great!!
I love the holiday fun! AND I had no idea it was going to be in the 40s today, so I was FREEZING during Brody's walk this morning haha I hope y'all have a great week:)

Erin said...

Love the glasses you got from Firmoo. I got some from them recently too and I was super happy with them :)

We stayed out super late Saturday night haha, very unlike us, too! I was like who are we!? Especially since I had to work all day Sunday! Def needed an early bedtime last night ;)

Because Shanna Said So said...

I wish I could have seen Mallorie before she left. (Sad face). You guys seem like you are in full swing too. I just love this time of year...and I am FREEZING today...crazy, schizophrenic weather we have. :)LOVE the ABC Hart if going to love it one day and will be SUPER smart! ;)

Unknown said...

Lovely photos! LOVE your shades in the last pic! So nice :-D

Hall Around Texas said...

Praying for your sweet Mama!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!

I love your kissing ball! We got a similar one last year for Christmas. It was a fertility ball, and obviously it worked haha! It seems so crazy that we were hoping for a baby last year, and now here I am at Christmastime this year pregnant! You never know what God has planned for ya :)

Also, the Christmas memory book seems like such a great idea! How fun will it be for your kids to read yours one day!

Susan said...

We tried very hard to adopt a shelter dog as well and found it very difficult. Especially with the smaller breeds, there are not as many as people think and people were actually fighting over them. A lady from one organization actually berated us in front of everyone at an adoption clinic because she said we were young and we wouldn't want the dog anymore when we had kids, it was ridiculous. You found a good dog and he found a good home! :)

Courtney said...

You are way too adorable. And I love all the holiday cheer you're packing into this season. I hope God continues to richly bless you guys. Adorable photo of you with the sunnies. So beautiful! Your hair is getting super long!

Celeste said...

We actually had a little snow here in the Dallas area this morning! Craziness after all this warm weather. But I love it :) I am a cold weather girl for sure.

I love your alphabet wall! Super cute.

Amira said...

Hey girly, I thought I read a long time ago that Blogger wasn't letting you upload any more pics because it said you were out of space. I'm getting the same message :-( What did you do? Are you paying monthly for storage space?

Liz Brown said...

Our weather has been odd too. A couple of days ago it was 60 and sunny! Today it was 3 degrees and veeeerry windy when I left for work... and even worse now that its night time. Ew.

Leigh said...

Love the kissing ball. When I was a child our family had one (in the 60-70's)..ours had a cute elf swinging on a swing suspended from the bottom.

C Mae said...

I love your alphabet wall and PSHHHT to those who are trying to tease you or giving you a hard time about baby planning. Even if you are or ARENT it's your house! Your decor! :) I mean hello these girlfriends clearly missed you on TV when they showed off your house! :)

Happy Monday love!

Carolyn said...

I LOVE the alphabet wall! So cute!

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