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Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving: this and that

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind for the Hart family. Why is it that babies always get sick during major holidays? That I don't quite know but sickness struck our household last week and it wasn't pretty. Monday afternoon Ford had a 101.7 fever which was the highest it's ever been for him and by the morning it was 104. We took him to his pedi and lo and behold... a double ear infection. I knew something was up when my VERY busy and energetic boy just wanted to cuddle and lay with mama. Oh man it was sad. We started antibiotics right away and that seemed to lighten his spirits. Even though he was under the weather, we spent Thanksgiving with family and now that I think of it... maybe babies get sick during the holidays so their grandparents can love on them. Now I don't want this to come across wrong but I am not a clingy mama. I don't do well with clingy babies. Sure I LOVE playing and cuddling with Ford but I won't pick him up when he demands and give him what he wants when he wants it. He won't always be an only child and I really love that he can play independently and problem solve on his own, it is something Jon and I have worked really hard at which is why being sick stinks. I do give him grace and let loose when he's sick but boy was it a major detox when we left family, Ford was feeling better, and we wouldn't give in to his every request. Oyeeeeeeee. So to top off the week, Ford developed roseola a few days after his fever dropped and he was sporting a red rash all over his belly, face, and legs. Of course! We were so thankful he was acting like himself and sleeping again (5:30am wakeup calls were brutal when he had the fever) but because he was contagious, we spent a lot of time as a little family of 3. We made the best of a crappy situation and it was perfect and sweet. Today we are back in action, I went to Zumba this morning and praised God that Ford ran right into childcare at the gym despite going through a few clingy days and we are rested and healthy! Ford had so much fun helping us put up the Christmas tree and decorations...he squeals with delight when we turn on the lights. He calls our 2 trees, garland, and wreath "tee tee!"....Christmas tree. It is pretty darn cute.

Here are some snapshots into our Thanksgiving week.

My parents have a sport court in their backyard which is endless entertainment for the babies. They run, chase balls, push shopping carts, ride their cozy coupe... the perfect baby sitter.

Helping prepare Thanksgiving dinner!

So many toys at Mimi's

Babies and their uncle James

We love playing Rockband and Ford thinks he's pretty cool with the guitar! He prefers banging the heck out of the drums though.


So proud

He loves getting his hair sprayed with water (and spraying himself in the face)

He may be picky with food but drinks are another story...

Helping daddy with Christmas lights yesterday... it was 78 degrees!

Today starts the Advent season, a very special time of waiting, preparation, and celebration for the Christian faith. We are so excited to celebrate as a family this year and we are using our church, The Austin, Stone's, family devotional (along with the personal devotionals for me and Jon). If you are looking for one, here it is! We are also doing a daily fun, Advent activity with ideas from The Mom Diggity (found here).

I hope your Thanksgiving break was full of family, food, and many blessings!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a great thanksgiving!! We are also doing the Austin Stone devotional, I am loving it!

Sarah Tucker said...

What a blessed time y'all had together! So sad that little man was sick, but happy he is feeling better! My mom was the same non-clingy parent and I thank her everyday for that!

Unknown said...

Seriously he is the cutest thing ever. Love you, friend!

Emily said...

78 degrees!? Wow! Glad Ford is feeling better, sick babies aren't easy on anyone but especially not Momma!

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