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Friday, March 13, 2015


I have been meaning to write this post all week but just like a scene out of a movie, Ford got the tummy bug and couldn't quite make it to the bathroom so I became the trashcan. What a lovely welcome home after a life changing weekend! We battled his tummy bug and of course I got it so we've been hunkered down at home watching way too much weird Nick Jr. and PBS TV but today we are back out in the world!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my #8takePHX photos last weekend. 8 ladies, sans babies, from all over the country met in Phoenix. These are my people, my tribe, my soul sisters in every sense. Who are these women? 10-15 years ago if I would have said I met them on the internet, everyone would have freaked out, but these are my girls that by the providence of God through the WWW, connected. Exactly 1 year ago we met face to face in Dallas as roomies for the Hope Spoken conference and it didn't take more than a few minutes to know that this group was God ordained. It's not often you have a bunch of people in your life who just 'get you' and these girls get me. For the past year we've been growing as a group, praying for one another, sharing lots of deep stuff, and group texting basically all day. These are the people I've told things I have never told anyone else and they were the first I told I was pregnant with Lucy (sorry Jon, I needed a girls take on the faint line of the pregnancy test). This group of girls has been through a lot, it's insane. Birth, death, moves, job change, marriage crises, family drama. Sometimes I raise my fists at God and ask why we all couldn't live in the same area but it is simple. The Lord has us out on mission in all parts of the US yet we are deeply knitted together as friends and sisters. So we had planned on making the Hope Spoken conference our reunion but when tickets sold out in a matter of minutes, we decided a girls trip was needed and Phoenix was born.

(one of our girls couldn't make it and we didn't want to leave her out of the hashtag so you'll only count 7 ladies!)

We stayed 3 nights in Tempe, AZ, right in the middle of ASU campus with easy access to Phoenix and Scottsdale. We had 2 rooms next door to each other and it felt like I was at cheerleading camp all over again. Late nights pouring our hearts out and snacking on our beds (and y'all I am not lying when I say late nights... 2am is the latest I've stayed up since I had kids!). We didn't want to jam pack our days because we wanted to spend quality time being present with one another and it couldn't have been more perfect. Basically we ate our way through the trip, shopped, got pedicures, and had a blast. We even went to a ghetto mall parking lot carnival one night and rode the ferris wheel. We laughed and cried, it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend. It was very surreal to be away on a girls trip since I've never really done one before. Jon is a pretty awesome travel buddy but it was so special to be with all women last weekend and indulging on myself. We are already planning our 2016 getaway!


Leslie said...

Is Lucy #8?

Sarah Tucker said...

How fun!! I spy a baby Jane!! I pray to have trips like this in the future for my girlfriends and I :)

Health, Love & Fire said...

This looks like so much fun & makes me want to plan a girls trip ASAP!

Emilie said...

Wow that is so wonderful!! This makes me wish I had a blog so I could connect with other spiritually-minded women. I haven't had a support system like that since being in a sorority in college. You are one lucky gal!

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