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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ford 19 months

This boy couldn't get any sweeter, I swear. His little personality shines and I love watching him learn, grow, and develop into a little boy. Next month he becomes a big brother so I am soaking up as much as I can with my little baby.

  • Had a nasty tummy bug this weekend/week (both ends and even blew chunks on mama which in turn caused me to do the same). No fun. 
  • Weighs 28lbs 3oz (home scale) and seems so tall these days. He is definitely thinning out as opposed to chunking up over the past few months.
  • Mostly 24 month clothes, size 6 shoes, and size 5 nighttime diapers (cloth during day)
  • Stayed with mimi and papa for 5 days when Jon and I went on our baby moon
  • Stayed with daddy for the weekend when I went on a girls trip!
  • Can count to 5 by himself!
  • Starting to recognize colors but loves green and blue
  • Says 2-3 word sentences. Earlier this week he asked me "More juice please mama" (he wanted more Pedialyte)
  • If you say, "Say I love you" he blows lots of kisses
  • Says his own name, "War"
  • Sees himself in the mirror and says "ME!"
  • Still obsessed with Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. and got a fun set of little character figurines that he can play with for an hour.
  • Loves to play games on the iPad and blows us away with how he can sort shapes, colors, clothing items, etc. Our favorite app is Tiny Hands.
  • Got a set of Lego Duplos and loves to make towers
  • Loves to use water color paints
  • Enjoys coloring with crayons and calls it "draw draw"
  • First time playing with playdoh and initially was grossed out (he hates being dirty) but then had fun!
  • Very helpful- loves to go get me a tissue, my water, the remote, etc. This is really nice considering I am 8 months pregnant!
  • Loves cleaning. I made him his own spray bottle of water and he loves spraying and wiping the cabinets. He also gets out the small dust pan and sweeps
  • Very into hygiene... washing hands, brushing teeth
  • Obsessed with playing in his Papa's truck!
  • Helps daddy in the garage on the old truck and uses his tools
  • Bedtime between 7-7:30p and sleeps 11-12 hours straight. Naps 2-3 hours at 12:30p
  • Has so much fun at music class every Tuesday (Tiny Tots and Tunes at Austin Baptist Church). He loves the shakey eggs, drums, and scarves.
  • We put together the double stroller have for both babies and he likes bringing his baby doll on walks with us.
  • Sits on his potty everyday but has never gone pee pee on it.
  • Loves to shower with mommy or daddy, rarely takes a bath these days. He can stay in the shoer for an hour if we let him! He reminds us what body parts he needs to wash and always mentions "wee wee" first ha. 

1 comment:

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

He's so sweet! He's definitely starting to look more like a little boy and less like a baby. Happy 19 months!

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